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The Dark Knight is the new remake of the Batman movie. This sequel to “Batman Returns” takes place in Gotham city were Batman is confronted with the Joker. With such an incredible cast including Christian Bale, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, and Heath Ledger, the movie became a phenomenon. The Dark Knight is an excellent movie. It has fully developed characters, action- packed moments, and powerful realizations of society as a whole.
One of the most fully developed characters is the Joker. Played by Heath Leager, his character displays the radical mindset of a crazed person. The scars on his face that start from the corners of his lips and cut upward gives him a permanent cynical smile. The smile also gives the “Joker” a dark sense of humor. His choice of words and the way he presents himself makes audiences feel uneasy, questioning the truth behind what he says. Most famous for the words “Why so serious?” he makes his mark on this movie and changes the overall view of the Joker.
Another aspect that made this movie excellent was the continuous action. From being picked up by a plane in china by a hook attached to a parachute to fighting with the many criminals in the city of Gotham; Batman, or Bruce Wayne Played by Christian Bale is the main action man in this film. The real-time fights, car flips, truck flips, explosions and dangerous falls puts you on the edge of your seat while the characters lives hang on a thin line. But behind all of the action, the movie holds many powerful thoughts on society.
The most powerful moments in this movie are the times in which society is questioned by each of the main characters. Each character has their own Philosophical belief on how to make Gotham “better” or exposing its weaknesses, the fights were more passionate. The Joker try’s to shows how fragile society is, how people are controlled by fear and don’t have any control themselves. Harvey Dent, the DA for Gotham, believes that “The night is darkest just before the dawn.” In other words, he believes that no matter how bad the situation is everything gets better.
The movie is an amazing, action-packed, and deep. The end result of watching it is an “it was worth the money” response. But not only that, you come with a source of understanding and your own little philosophical belief. This movie hits you in and out of the movie theaters.