The Nexus-6 was a newly developed brain unit in Androids. The Nexus-6 was used on androids. This artificial brain gave androids the ability to think and feel just like humans. It further confused the difference between real and fake people. It was also capable of
exceeding the intelligence of special people.

“The Nexus-6 brain unit they’re using now is capable of selecting within a field of two trillion constituents, or ten million separate neural pathways.” (28)
“The Nexus-6 android types, Rick reflected, surpassed several classes of human specials in terms of intelligence.” (30)

The Nexus six was a new type of robot brain that was more advanced then the other ones. It made the robot seem more
human like and have similar characteristics as that of a real hum. The Rossen company wanted this kind of robot to fool the
Voight Empathy Test which was able to detect whether something was human or and android. This seemed like an almost
full proof plan for the Rossens but however Rick was still able to detect that Rachael was an android.

external image der2-2.jpg This is a robot!!

A android is robot that looks and acts human. it is a replica of a human. But there is always one thing that differs from a android and a human. That is choices they make and their emotion. It is know though that a android can develop emotions. They are used as servants and slaves in the book Androids.