OWLs are nocturnal birds . they can twist there head all around 360.in the book they were the first to be extinct by the radioactivtiy going on in the book.

Owls are predatory noctunal birds. This means that most species only eat meat, usually small rodents such as mice or voules. They are usually only active during the night time, which is why owls are rarely seen during the day. There are about 145 different species of owls.

There has been a recent "internet phenomenon" which incorporates the use of owls, with various pictures of owls matched with words to form funny expressions. A following conversation using owls:
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external image the_owl.jpgIn Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, owls were the first species of bird to become extinct due to the radioactive dust that spread throught the Earth after World War Terminus. Since owls were said to be extinct, Rick Deckard considered taking an owl as a bribe for not telling the police station in Los Angeles that the Voight-Kampff test failed against an android.

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Owls are a special type of birds. They could see in the dark. "Owls are nocturnal hunting birds with eyes that face forwards. They are closely related to hawks. Owls sleep during the day and emerge at night to hunt small prey.

There are about 162 different species of owls alive today, inhabiting a huge variety of ecological niches, from rainforests to tundra".

In the book "Do Androids dream of electric sheep", the owls were the first animals to die because of the nuclear bomb. now a bunch of years after, the owls are very valuable.
In Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? the owls were the first few animals to be extinct.
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