Passport is a document that is needed when you are traveling. It holds your identity such as your name, date of birth, sex, and place of birth. There are many types of passoprts, but the most typical passport include...
Ordinary passport, also called a tourist passport
Official passport, also called service passport
Diplomatic passport
Emergency passport, also called temporary passport
Collective passport
Family passport
Alien's passport
Internal passport and
Camouflage and Fantasy Passports

In Persepolis, a passport was used to flee the country, or go on vacation. Many people seeked to leave Iran due to it's conditions, i.e: poor hospital care because of war victims, and the fact people were climbing up social classes because of religion. Khosro, who was one of Anoosh's friends, made fake documents, one of them being passports. He was going to make Marjane's uncle, Taher, a passport since he had a heart attack. He was hiding a girl, Niloufar, an eighteen year old Communist who had been found and excuted. When Khosro found out, he made himself a passport, and fled to Sweden.

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