Adrian G
Kevin H
Tenzin S
Mathew C
Stanley G
Herpal P
Nathaniel A
Alejandro O
Juan C
Larry T
Emilio A
Nicholas V
Christopher L

To go to and explore various parks that many people can not visit on a daily basis.

What we did
We played different sports that required strategy, teamwork, and of course, good sportsmanship. We played Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, went bowling, hiked, and explored parks and their surrounding neighborhoods.

Riverside Park
Located in Harlem and right next to the Hudson, the park was very windy. We saw geese, played Ultimate Frisbee, Basketball, and explored the park. It is an urban type park and has a lots of trees. There also are many bike routes, a gym, soccer field, and basketball courts.
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Prospect Park
Located in Brooklyn, the 585 acre park was once a part of a forest. Because it has just turned spring and it is still very cold, the area looked dead.
We played basketball. It is an urban type park.
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Bronx Zoo

Bowling & Buffet

On Thursday, we went to a buffet on 48st and Northen Boulevard. For 7 bucks, we had all we could eat. Some people, such as Tenzin, ate 4-5 plates! Others ate less but stocked up on desert. On or way out, some of us weighed ourselves. Adrian weighed only 103 lbs after just eating and while wearing his sneakers and tote bag! We walked to AMF bowling alleys where, of course, we bowled. Kevin H really had it going! We all had a blast! After bowling, we all went home.

Flushing Meadows Park
Our last active day was spent at Flushing meadows park, where we played basketball, soccer, handball, or baseball. Alejandro had a nice hitting rate! At the end, we were all very thirsty. While leaving, we all stopped to buy some water or other drink, as the water fountains were out of service. Ahead of us, there was an intense soccer game taking place, so we watched it until 2:00 and went home.