Plans For 2009: by Victoria Orrego 10th Grade :]
My plans for the 2009 year are really basic but they are really straight forward. Basically I just want to change my appearance for the inside and form the outside. The outside would be my hair style that I have changed. I have changed by cutting my hair and getting bangs. So far I have them on and people say that I look different and really nice with t hem. I really like that part of my appearance and also everything else too. I would also like to depend more in my inner beauty such as my appearance from the inside of me.
I would like to become nicer/respectful person to people. I’m sometimes mean to people for no reason and I would also be disrespectful. I’m the kind of person, that if they say something to me I would argue back/ fight back. In my soccer games, every time someone would say something disrespectful to me I would argue back and I would be the person getting a yellow card from the referee. So to prevent from me getting a yellow card I would of to stop arguing/fighting with the people in the opposite team. One of my other plans for 2009 is to stop having attitude to anybody but more specifically my parents. I just have this thing for giving people attitude for no reason.Giving attitude to my parents is like a major thing for me in a bad way, because I feel bad after I give them an attitude after a while. I would also like to accomplish this 2009 year, to help others when there needed. Help others when I’m a moody mood with them, help others when I'm not asked to, help others when I’m asked to. In particular I just want to learn form my mistakes I did last year 2008 and fix them this year of 2009. I have this feeling that 2009 is going to be way better then 2008.

My plans for 2009 are to better myself as a person inside and out. I plan to do a lot better in school and continue to keep my grades up and possibly make them go a little bit higher. Both God and my family are going to stat to expect a lot more of and from me this year than the past ones.

My plans for 2009 are to grow taller….well no not at all I like the height I am at now. My plans involve other people like family and friends, as well as myself. I want to be able to spend more time with my friends as well as family because it feels as if time is passing so fast. I also want to begin teaching myself things for example skating, how to program different things.

Things for 2009

My plans for 2009 are to not procrastinate with my work anymore, to be less lazy, and to be a sort-of nicer person. I feel I can finish my homework before midnight every single night, if i just stayed focus. I can also be very lazy at times which is not very good. Sometimes I will put my responsibilities behind me just so I can do whatever I feel like. I could also stand to be a nicer person, not be so mean and judgemental.

My Plans for 2009 is complitly get my work done, to stop yell and hitting people as to stop being to damn lazy! Oh to sleep more, I sleep too little. I want to be less responsable and stop being so uptight and have fun when I have to. Learn how to deal with girly things. YUP that the plan- hope i can make it!

    • My plans are for 2009 are absolutely nothing. I make goals as I go through the year. (:
My plans for 2009 are to do better in school and stay out of trouble. I want to work on my singing career, that's my dream. Im going to start working in the studio and getting people to help me. I want to to make better friends and become a better person. And since we have a new BLACK president, there will be some good changes in America.

Plans for '09- Mitchell Suarez
New Start
This year I leave behind everything that endangered my future. Of course I see the year, as a new beginning especially since 9 is my number. I plan to have fun this year; the simple mindset of being happy. Another thing I want is to make my mother proud; it’s been long overdue. Together I think these goals put me in a great spot for a bright future.
2009 is going to be my year for going out, relaxing, hanging out with friends, and spending time with my family and Jessica. I want to enjoy time with all the people that matter to me. I feel that I missed out on that last year when I was in my own world. But I also want time to myself to relax and gather myself. Hopefully this time will come after I make my mother happy with where I am in life.
I plan on making this year one to remember for my mother. I want her to be proud of not only my grades but also how I act now. The difference from last year should shed light on the new attitude I have. I feel that I have disappointed her enough in my life and now the time has come to show some maturity. Her smile will mean far more than words to me.
Hopefully my year ends with a true closure of success along with my freedom and my mother’s happiness. I believe this year sets a different positive path for the people I care about and my life.

My plans for 2009 is to do better in school and start being more responsible and get my priorities straight because i've been doing very bad in school for a long time and it would be very good if I started to do good in school. This year i want to go see the movie Transformers 2. I would also like to learn multiple new languages like french, Japanese, and Spanish. I also want to get better at basketball so i can join the team next year.