Poem on My Neighborhood Children walking up the streetsWith joy coming home from schoolChildren skipping down the sidewalkKnowing that there’s a weekend ahead of themChildren running home in the streetsKnowing that there’s a show coming upThat they don’t want to miss Teenagers sitting in the trainVery happily with their friendsTeenagers running down the sidewalkKnowing that they can’t be late to get homeTeenagers walking up the streetsLooking where to eat Adults walking up the streetsPicking up their kid from schoolAdults running down the sidewalkKnowing that their late to workAdults sitting in the trainHoping that they will get home soon By: Victoria Orrego
mad mature love "love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear"
be careful with your heart and who you love because if you're not cauticous you may just end up heart broken. Mature love can mend a broken heart in more ways than mad love can. Know what you're getting into before you walk into something. Handle your with care. Make peace and not war , because "love is like a war;easy to begin and hard to end." When you're involved in somethingthat id too much to handle, hand it to yourself to do the right thing, because then you both wouldn't have to end up doing something that ou would regret in the long run. If you would want real unconditional love then turn to family and friends but if you want your heart broken just hand it on over to the one you so caled "love". They say that they aren't complicated, they just like to complicate tings then why hurt yourself anymore than you have been already hurt and leave. You owe it to yourself to do the right thing. If and when you decide to do wrong by yourself warn your heart. Do your heart a favor to do the right thing "It's okay to kiss a fool. It's okay to let a fool kiss you. But never let a kiss fool you." Dont be a heart breaker. Its common to hold onto old menories. The only pictures that will remain are the ones in your head. So try not to end up as a broken hearted loser. Don't be fooled by appearances. Search past the looks. Because what you're really looking for comes from the inside and not the out.

Lost in a four letter word called love, and don’t know which way to go. A word so small but can mean more then you can ever know. Love can leave people happy, excited, scared, annoyed, lost, founded, whole, and hurt ‘till you can’t give any more. Love could be real, or fake, like something only in your head, but not in your heart. This thing can make you cry; screaming out for help but no one is there to help. Leaving you bleeding nonstop, as if your life is being hung by a string, waiting for you to fall, leaving nothing but sorrow and confusion behind. Love is like a word that knocks down all the walls, the same walls that you took forever to build, to keep everyone from hurting you out. But one day you decided to open up, to this person. There’s nothing special about this person on the outside, but in the inside they are you’re your world; you see stuff no other person can see in them. If you ever were hurt by love, you may have problems trying to open up your walls. So when someone really care comes along, your walls will not open so easily, like before. Having this problem, can cause the person to leave and move on. But if they really care they will wait, no matter how long it takes you to open your wall. In the end when they finally come in, you will be relieved, that you were able to make the right course this time. When you see you love you will get feelings no one word can describe. When you look at their eyes, and they smile, your heart will pain you. But not in a bad way it’s like saying, “I love you so much I want to scream and tell the world.” Or even saying, “There is so much love, for you in my heart that it’s over flowing.” You may have your ups and downs, and it could lead you to hear or evening saying this, “I hate you and never want to see you again.” But just like love, hate is also a complicated word. In my eyes I like to think of hate, as somebody you once loved but on longer believe or trust in. And that leaves us to, lost in a four letter word called love, and don’t know which way to go. “A word so small but can mean more then you can ever know.” And yes that is true, love is way more then I just talked about. Love is like a mystery, that can’t be solved all the way, you could try you best see but when you look around there is more that is unseen.