poverty_in_iran.jpgPoverty is mencioned in Perhttp:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Povertypolis when Marjahttp:en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Povertyne's grandmotexternal image ach12.jpegher tell's the story of how she whent throug it. Till this day Iran strugles with poverty and about 90% of the population is under it. Marjane's Grandmother would boil water so that people could think she was cooking and its extremly sad to know that many peole around the world are throwing food away.

Poverty is when someone is living in poor conditions financially. This is called the lower-class in social classes. Many families in the book, "Persepolis," lived in poverty. 812.jpg

Poverty is when you are poor and you have a bad economy. In our world we have places that have poverty. Also in Persepolis they
had to face poverty, it wasn't that easy.
This picture shows a percent of each countries poverty.

About 25,000 people a year die of poverty and world hunger. More then 80% of the worlds population live in country where the income is low. Around 28 to 27 percent of all children around the world are consider to be underweight. The two most parts that have that are South Asia and Sub Saharan Africa.
Poverty exists in many countries and places around the world. People who have low paying jobs or some that don't even have a job suffer from poverty. Poverty is mostly due to a bad economy or financial problems. Some may say that its not a big deal but it is cause even in the rich countries poverty still exists and people die cause of that. Organizations and charities around the US and other parts of the world are doing their best to help them and try to eliminate this issue or just reduce the percentage of the people suffering from this problem.