Pris Stratton

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She is an android who traveled from Mars with her other android friends, Polokov, Roy Baty, Irmgard, Luba Luft, and others.
When she was created by the Rosen Corporation, she was created as part of a collection of androids that look just like her, Rachel Rosen.
When J.R. Isidore first meet her, she is described to be very timid, and scared. Physically she looks like a young girl with large eyes and thick lashes, her bust appears to be premature and she is very thin. She doesn't have any human feelings like empathy and she looks down at J.R. Isidore. She refuses his company in the beginning, however later she turns towards him for protection. J.R. has romantic feelings towards her, however, since she is an android she feels no empathy towards humans.
This is Pris from "Blade Runner"

Pris Stratton is one of the three last androids that Rick needs to terminate to complete his mission. She is Identical to Rachel Rosen except they dress differently. When rick first encountered her he had almost forgot that she was not Rachel and almost did not take her down.

Mercer tells Rick on the steps of John Isadore's house "It will be the hard one out of the three you must retire it first" (221) When i first read this quote i didn't quite understand it because i expected Roy Batty to be the hard one out of the three, not Priss. But then i understood why. Priss resembled Rachel physically therefore she had power over Rick. Out of the three androids, she was the only one that could make him fall. She could seduce him and then kill him while the others couldn't.