A prophet is a messenger of God who communicates with God and brings God's ideas to the world.
Some famous prophets are Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, and Zarathustra.

A prophet is said to be someone who spreads good will and peace and spreads the word and knowledge of God. One of the most well-known prophets is Jesus.

A prophet is a leader, someone who speaks for god.

A prophet is also a person who speaks upon God. Christianity, Islam, and Judaism all have prophets.

A prophet is very important to their people and acts as an interpreter.


A false prophet is considered to be someone who is trying to deceive people on purpose, is delusional, or is under the influence of Satan.

About Prophets
Prophetic inspiration: Isaiah's Lips Anointed with Fire, by Benjamin West
Prophetic inspiration: Isaiah's Lips Anointed with Fire, by Benjamin West
A prophet can be male or female and unlike most people think, prophets are not only people who predict the future but who speak out God's will. They speak out to people through parables or symbolic gesture to have people believe in the love of God and that he is real. Prophets have the ability to read and understand manifestations of God's will dealing with the past and present.

The bible has all the parables that the prophets have spoken.

A Prophet is someone who is considered to be the voice of God. According to Islam, the last prophet was Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) who was able to successfully get recruiters to follow Islam. In Islam being a prophet allows you to have a special status and significance. Unlike other religions however pictures/portraits of the prophets and other significant people are forbidden.

A prophet usually appears when there is discontent in the world. According to the Old Testament in the Bible, all the prophets seemed to have derived from one man; Abraham.


Marji wishes at a young age to become a prophet and even creates her own set of rulesothers.jpg in her own holy book.

Rule #6: Everybody should have a car.
Rule #7: All maids should eat at the table with the others.
Rule #8: No old person should have to suffer.

However some other prophets do not approve.

What makes a real prophet?

A true prophet is not someone trying to become a prophet, he or she IS one!

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Religious Family Tree from Adam to Jesus (Cool!)
Prophets run in the Family.

The word Prophet is based on two concepts:
Rasul meaning a messenger who received a book,
someone with a special mission.
Nabi is one who received direct inspiration.
Muhammad is called both Rasul and Nabi .

In Christianity, prophets are still considered human, and it is recognized that they sometimes make wrong decisions, sin from time to time; the human characteristics of a prophet are independent of the message God has given him and do not negate the validity of his prophecies.

God told Abraham that he would have a son with his wife Sarah and that their son would lead a new civilization. Sarah was infertile so Abraham was happy with the message. Abraham waited and waited but never had a son. Frustrated and with loss of faith he sleeps with the slave Hasar and has a child. His name is Ishmael. Outraged, Sarah orders her to get out of the house. Asar and her son Ishmael leave and as per the bible founds the Arab Nation. Abraham finally ends up with a son Isaac who has another son; Moses. Ishmael's branch leads down to Mohammed (Islam), Ali (Shiite), and Abu Ba car (Sunnis). Isaac's branch leads to Moses (Judaism) and finally Jesus (Christianity). All of Abraham's descendants would later be known as the 12 tribes of Israel.

"Prophets of Islam"
Some say the prophets of Islam were sent by God to humanity, in different times and places, to teach his messages.

A prophet is a messenger of some sort. People usually see a prophet as a messenger from god. It isn't specified to a certain religion since Islams prophet was Muhammad and on Christianity it was Jesus.
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