On August 20, 1978, the Rex Cinema in Abada, Iran was set on fire and killed approximately 500 people. The Shah's secret army was originally blamed for the fire, however, after testimony from survivors, it was discovered that the Khomenist devotees were behind it.
the Rex cinema was burned down as a result of relighbvjious genocide.
-The BBC (British Broadcasting Channel) said that there were 500 victims.
-The shah said that they were a group of religious fanatics.
But everyone thought the shah was behind it all.
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Rex Cinema

The Rex Cinema in Abadan, Iran burned down n August 20, 1978. The shah and the inteligence service, SAVAK, were believed to be responsible for the fire but according to the testimony of a lone surviving arsonist, it was proven that Khomeinist devotees were behind it.
A movie had already started when officers noticed the smoke coming from the the cinema. The officers eported that they noticed some suspects enter the cinema and that the suspects realised they had been noticed so they started the fire so that they could leave with the other people. What the officers didn't know was that there was a plot to burn the cinema and all the people.
The officers put a lock on the door to the main entrance of the cinema so no one could enter or exit.
When the chief police finally arrived, the cinema was already engulfed in flames. The fire trucks arrived about 20 minutes after the fire began.
Since all the victims burned in their seats, it shows that they were already unconcious or dead by the time the fire actually enterd the cinema. It's believed that Freon gas from the a.c. system enterd the building before the fire did, and because Freon is heavier than air it sank. When it came in contact with the respiatory system of the victims, it acted as a nerve agent, anesthising them and making them unconcious. It has never been determined whether or not Freon gas leaked from the A.C. system or if it was part of the plot to kill the people in the theater.
No one knows exactly how many people died. Some say that the death toll was 400, 430, almost 600, over 800 and so on. However, The National Fire Protection Association list the death toll at 422.

Cinema Rex building after the fire
Cinema Rex building after the fire
The cinema after the fire.

On August 20, 1978, Cinema Rex in Abadan, Iran, was set on fire by Islamist militants killing about 500 people The shah and the country’s intelligence service, SAVAK, were accused of planning the fire but after testimony by the lone surviving arsonist, it was proven that Khomeinist devotees were behind the accident.
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A short while after the start of the movie, police officers noticed smoke coming from Cinema Rex, which was located on the upper level of a commercial building. The police officers radioed the on-duty officer at the Abadan Police HQ and reported they had identified a number of suspects who had entered the Cinema, and the suspects had noticed they were under surveillance, and had started a small fire in a corner so they could escape the cinema with the rest of moviegoers. After consulting a supervisor, the on-duty officer instructed the officers not to allow anyone to leave the Cinema until the police chief and additional officers arrived. Virtually all the victims had burned while still in their seats, which indicated that at the time the fire entered the theater, the victims were already unconscious or dead.web_home_pic.jpg

The rex cinama in India was burned down in the 1970's by soildiers. about five-hundred people died inside because they were trapped. The policemen forbade to rescue the people that were trapped inside. they were burned to death. The SAVAK were accusing for planning on burning the rex cinama.

On August 19, 1978 the cinema Rex of Abadan city was burnt. Shah has his mercenaries set the cinema, full og people on fire to lowered the number of people in their reputation. Shah had then lock the exit doors, the bad quality of the inflammable materials, had a 10 minute delay to call up the fire station, a lack of water in the fire-fighting taps. But what made it a bigger deal was the cinema was near the world biggest oil refinery, and police office, it diverted the people’s attention to Savak. rex cinema

external image Rex%20cinema.JPG Why would you burn down a cinema for something you didnt like in the movies? Just cause you dont like a movie doesnt mean you have to go set it on fire. the cinema set on fire
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