Richieu2.JPGRichieu Spiegelman was Vladek's first son. He was born in the month of October of the year 1937. He was a big, yet premature baby, weighing a little over 3 kilos (which is about 6.61 pounds so he might have weighed) around 7 pounds. He wasn't too much of problem, but he was just a big baby. Sadly he didn't make it out of the war. Vladek talked about Richieu's safety all the time. He discussed with a friend how they should send Richieu somewhere safe to where his friend was sending his kid, but they said that they wouldn't leave him alone without any of them and that it was out of the question. During the war, Vladek's friends' child was fine, but Richieu was still in danger of getting taken away. Finally when Richieu was a little older they send him to live with a woman named Tosha along with twRichieu.JPGo more kids, Lonia and Bibi. A little while after, the Germans were going to deport everyone and send them to Auschwits to some gas chambers. The Germans were taking kids who were about 2 or 3 years old and violently killed the children if they wouldn't stop crying or screaming. When Tosha heard of what was going on, she was terrified and hurt. She wasn't about to suffer or let those kids suffer. She killed Lonia, Bibi, Richieu and herself to save them from any suffering. She killed them and herself with some kind of poison. That's why Richieu didn't make it through the war.