A song writer and a singer, Rod Stewart was born and raised in London, England. He was born in England and moved to Scotland. Stewart was influenced by Al Johnson, a famous singer. He read his books and colleccted his records. At the age of eleven, he decided to join a group with his friends call the kool kats.
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Rod Stewart is a song writer and vocalist, known for his distinctive raspy voice. He is currently sixty-three years old. His albums have sold over 250 million dollars. He was born and raised in London, England. 24 of his hit singles reached the top 10.
He was the lead vocalist for blues/rock band the Jeff Beck Group in the 1960's, and the Faces in the 1970's. He has had a lengthy solo career, recently recently releasing records of his interpretations of early 1900's American standards, entitled "Great American Songbook", which many fans of his rock vocals criticized him for.
His most-known solo hit single is "Maggie May", recorded in 1971. It is played on classic rock radio stations very often even in 2008.

He is a song writer and also a singer. He was born January 10,1945 in London. His biggest hits of the 8Os were 'What Am I Gonna Do', 'Every Beat Of My Heart' and 'Baby Jane'.

This is a video or Rod Stewart performing a good song called What a Wonderful World.


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