A Royalist is someone who agrees with the principles of monarchy. They were American and European supporters of the King of Spain, Ferdinand VII of Spain, during the Spanish American Wars of Independence, between 1808-1829. They believed that people should stay under the rule of the king and not go on with other ideas about another type of government. They are soldiers who fight for their country as well, and what they believe is right.

Royalists are people that believe in a monarchy or kingdom. Basically a person that supports another group that has absolute power and is the opposite from a republic. The word royalist is applied when a regime or group have been overthrown to form a republic. Another word for royalist is cavalier. Royalists have been there throughout history in different places.
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In this picture you could see a royalist ready to give his own life for his king.

In England, this term is used mainly for people who supported Charles 1 during the English Civil War. While royalists are known as "Cavaliers", their opponents are called "Parliamentarians" or "Roundheads".
Royalists first appeared in Parliament during the debates on the Root and Branch Petition. They were strongest in the northwest, while their opponents were strongest in the southeast. Root and Branch Petition

A royalist is a supporter of a monarch, a monarchy, a king or other royal head of state.
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Royalist are people who support the king or goverment which they live under. So if there is a rebelion or a civil war, they wouldnt not help the revolutionist. They would serve and help their country they live in.

islamic.jpg Islamic royalist. they support their country and religion.

A royalist supports a particular monarch as head of state for a particular kingdom, or of a particular dynastic claim. In the abstract, this position is royalism. It is distinct from monarchism which advocates a monarchical system of government, but not necessarily a particular monarch. Most often, the term royalist is applied to a supporter of a current regime or one that has been recently overthrown to form a republic.