Homework. Why do we get it? Should we or should we not get
homework? Is it a waste of time? Or is it absolutely necessary? Does it really benefit you? Is it too much?

What's your opinion?

Sharon Gomes: I think we should do our homework everyday because that would be beneficial for us. We should do our homework because like whatever teachers are teaching us, if we practice and revise that, then we can have more ideas about what and how to do the things. Not only that, for school if we don't do our homework, our marks will easily be reduced. However, I feel we should do our homeworks everyday, and keep a touch to whatever we do in the class for our own benefits.

jasmyn: I think that homework is given too often and is very time consuming. Teachers seem to forgexternal image homework.jpget that students have lives too and don't want to spend the rest of their day doing homework. When I get home from 7 hours of school I want to relax, not do more work. I think we should get homework but a little bit of it and about 3 times a week. Sometimes students just have those days where they just need a break. School can be very overwhelming and teachers don't seem to realize that. We want to learn but we also need time to rest. There are many nights where I don't go to bed until 12:00a.m. and then I have to get up at 6:00a.m. Is homework that necessary that I have to be up that late? I don't think so.

Moe: I'll be the first to say it straight up without all the sucking up in between. Homework is given to take more time away from our lives and make us miserable and go emo. School is long enough as it is, homework is just added stress and headache.

Ashley: That is a really good question. Why do we het homework? IN my opinion, I think that homework is just one more extra work, just so we could get practice at home and not forget what we learned that day. Although, homework does help sometimes depending on the subject. But for me, I don’t like homework because when I get home from school, I just want to relax and not have to worry about stuff that I have to do for school, since I was just there. Homework does stress us out a lot. We have other responsibilities and other things to do besides spending all of our time on doing extra work.

Mabelly: I think that homework should be something that we aren't given so often. We spend as much time in school as someone who as a full time job. When you come home from work, you don't want to spend another 4 hours doing extra work? Sometimes homework that we get is pointless, it's things we should've done in class. I think that sometimes homework can be benificiary, like when we learned something new in math and need some practice or when we have a test for review. But sometimes there is reading that we just have to read again in class, so it's kind of a waste of time to spend those twenty minutes reading that material. Also, I have other things to do besides schoolwork, like extracurriculars, church, taking care of my sisters and household chores. To pour homework on top of that just stresses me out and overwhelms me. Sometimes I go to bed so late doing my assignments that I don't want to get out of bed the next day.

I.V.M: Homework is a revision of the class that just happened. But sometimes it gets so hard that it might as well become a lesson that we don't understand. Homework is an overwhleming part of the day. Many students have things to do after school, and then after they do all that, they stay up untill 4 in the morning trying to finish. I personally like to relax after school. Nobody wants to do work right after school. Our jobs as kids is to go to school. After we finish school we dont want to see anything from it again until the next day. Homework should be given less then it is right now. It stresses man students and can mess them up for the next day of school.

Soleil: I think students should get homework, because it makes us responable. We should not get alot of homework, because we do have a social life. I think homework is very important , because it will help us get more practice for school work and test . Homework is sometimes very difficult. Its hard to do all your homework, because sometimes we have to watch our sibblings. We also have to do extra actives, such as sports. We also need time for ourselves to relax from all the hard work we do school. We should get homework at least two or three times a week.

Molly: I think that homework is a complete waste of time and should not be given to students. We already spend more than enough time at school as it is, so getting even more work on top of that is very unhealthy for a student's phsycological well being. In addition to that, all of the separate teachers give homework every night and some of them give homework that takes an hour or two hours to do and we only have a short amount of time to do all of that work on top of getting our selves home, eating, sleeping, any type of extra curriculars, chores, appointments and anything else a person might have to do. And cramming that much information into your brain in that small time frame doesn't end up giving you all of that knowledege because it's so much that you just can't remember all of it. And then when we stay up almost the whole night trying to actually do our homework our teachers have the nerve to say to us that we are lazy. Homework is supposed to be a reveiw of what we did in class which is usually not the case; it's mostly confusing and hard to understand. Teachers also give homework that is "easy" to do. Yeah maybe for them. They never think that maybe it isn't as easy for us to do. Then when we complain about how much homework we have they always say, " Well, I don't give you a lot of homework. The homework I give you should only take about twenty minutes to do." HELLO?! We are not robots. We are individual people who can't do everything the way we "should" do it. If teachers have a problem with the way we act in class then maybe they should think about what they are doing wrong instead of blaming it on us. I think that a good solution for this problem would be just to stop giving us homework all together unless we have to study for a test or something. But if homework is just so important that we just have to do it then why can't the teachers cut the amount of homework in half, or let us out of school early so we can start our homework earlier or let us come to school later so that we can have time to sleep.

In my opinion, homework is not something that we should have to do. There are many other things that teachers can base their grading systems on. Homework should be something that's optional, maybe as an extra credit assignment. We all ready spend 5/7ths of our week in school and that's a little over 30 hours every week. I strongly agree with Molly's idea of only giving homework to study for a test. If we're learning enough in class and paying attention, then we don't need homework. If we aren't paying attention then that's our fault and we do deserve a bad grade. Teachers constantly give out zeros if students don't do one homework and that really impacts our grade. Sometimes, students just need a break. I agree with Soleil's point on having extra curriculars such as sports or clubs and still having to do homework afterwards. In order to get into college, you need extra curricular activies, the more, the better. With so much work to do from all of our 6 classes that contain work, how are we to get both done? Molly's point on how the teachers claim the homework is easy is also true. Not all students work or think the same. Something that may take a student fifteen minutes may take another an hour and a half. I really enjoy Victor's way of teaching. We learn something new everyday and he gives us time in class to do homework and most of us finish it with his help always available. He gives a quiz every Friday containing stuff from the start of the year until the present and doesn't give us homework for the weekend. I really think teachers should consider not giving us homework maybe as a trial for a few weeks to see how it goes.

Natalie: Should we get homework? I am really not sure when it comes to giving an answer to this question. Without homework, I sometimes feel bored at home, and feel the need to learn and to read and write, especially when its for a class I enjoy. But, at the same time I feel that I am constantly stressed with the homework we get. I feel like its sometimes too much of an amount for every class. Teachers sometimes expect a lot from students, but they also have to understand that, thats not the only class we are taking. We also have work to complete for other classes and quizzes to take, and projects to do. There isn't much time right after school to complete all the homework given, especially when you have a quiz and a project and an essay due the same day. People say its all about time management and its true, But they also have to consider the fact that us students have a social life as well. And a life besides school. Parents sometimes don't understand the fact that we get so much homework, so we are given things to do at home. My point is, I dont mind getting homework, just less of it, and maybe more time to complete assignments, not just one day. I really do hope teachers read this. I also agree with some of the students in this page, people also have other thing to do after school, maybe babysit or sports or programs, its too much too handle. And we all need time to complete assignments, so please give us more time and less homework!

Scott: i am ov the opion that wile homework is important it needs to be given in moderation theachers need to calaborate the need to say ok on this day english gets 45 and the other classed gets 15. but the teachers also need to acount for the fact that diffrent people can to the same homework in diffrent amounts of time ex. same homework kid one takes a minute kid two 45 minutes
homework can be a one size fits all it

Karla: I think that we should get homework because homework is like practing the lesson that you learned during class, and you can't be good at something without practing. Now I don't think that the teachers should over give us homework. I mean not to name any names, but there are some teacher who I think want to ban us from having a social life, because of gthe amount of homework that they give us. Whenever I go home and have one of those days in which I feel stressed knowing that I may have to stay up late doing homework. I don't think that teachers realize that there class is not the only class that we have, and that we have loads of other homework to do for other classes. I think it is good to give us homework, but like I said, not over do it.

Jeffrey: I',m not sure that if we should have homework b ecuase if we have homework then we have to spend hours at home trying to finish the homework. But if we don't have homework then we might forget what we learned in class.

Ashley: The reason why we do get homework is to help out average out our grades, sothat we can work hard in all parts of the work that we get in school. I do believe that we do need homework to help us with the stuff that we are learning in order to practice at home after school. What really needs to happen is the changing of the amout of it. Most of the time we get crazy homework. As soon as we get home we have to face a ton of homework to do. That gives us no personal time for our selves, especially when it coen=ms to Nicks work. With all of the essays that he assigns with all the other homeworks that we get from our other teachers, it is impossible to finish it all. All I am saying is that teachers like Mr. Nick need to chill out a little when it comes to giving us homework.

Michele: I think without homework it would be great but going home without anything to do, it just feels weird. But why do we need more work if we just had the whole day in school?! I personally think because of homework we cant do the things we want to do after school or stay up really late doing essays, and its bad for us. Knowing that the essays is due tomorrow and your really tired. And plus we need to sleep more! Some people live so farrr awayy and we have to wake up really early. Sometimes homework make me stay uppppp allllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll night and sometimes i dont even go to sleep. But homework helps you a lot. It basically reviews the lesson you had today; and your just going over it by yourself, and check your mistakes with your teacher, and learn from your mistakes.

sunset12: I think we should get homework but then I think we should not because if we don't get homework then we forget everything we learned in school. but then if we do get homework then they give us wayyyyyyyy to much homework and that can keep me up all night. I sometimes stay up to eleven doing my homework because sometimes the work is hard but we have to do it because that makes us more responsable, so i don't really no if we should get homework or not.

Darksins71: I think that we should get homewrk. the fact that we doing homework would only make us smarter and that is good for me. It'sis true that homework is a waste of time and it should not be given out to students but as long as it helps my future, ill do it. And for some people they don't have time to actually do the homework. and has to copy off of people just to get there homework done, like i support giving homework but too much is way off of what i'm saying. I'm saying that even people who has other things they need to do can actually finish it on time.

I agree with Molly, but with most of the other people's opposing opinion at the same time. I agree with Molly because we do spend more than enough time at school and have a completly other life outside of school. Homework makes it hard to balance everything we have going on. But I think thats what we're being prepared for and challenged against. Don't get me wrong, I think we should get homework but I also think teachers should create a healthy schedule to balance the amount of work they are going to choose to process through us. For example, I end up sleeping at 11:30 and don't fall asleep until 12 to 12:30 because of the various homeworks from different classes I have to complete. I find myself falling asleep in class without warning.

Harry: I don't think that we should get homework because it takes up to much time to relax and have fun i mean would u rather play vidoegames, hang out with your friends more often then you do i mean homework is boring and what we get for home is relly boring.

Malcolm: I think that that we hould get homework, simply because without it our grades would drop. Larger percentages of our grades would be put on tests and stuff and for those of us who hate 2 study [me] that would severely bring my grades down.

sabrina: Of course we should get homework. What's the point of coming to school without making the best of it. School is not all about hanging out with friends. Its about getting more knowledge of things to help us survive in life after highschool and when we are adults. If there is no homeowrk whhy read book. the point of the homeowrk is to see what you have learned. If you learn nothing then there is no point of school. However there is alway going to be school. I don't understnad what the point o this page is because we will always get homework. I ahte to admit it but sometimes homework can be fun. it just depends on what kind of homework or what class interest you.

Luvana: Well, I mean who really wants homework, however i think it is madatory for us to do our homeworks because without homework we would not have sufficient knowledge and practice on a particular topic. Though I find homework very important, I don't find it necessary for teachers giving way too many homework and ruining one's social and personal life.

Jlayne: I don't like homework of course, but it keeps me from turning into a slacker. Having a sense of responsibility disciplines you but I don't need it all the time. But sometimes I get into a brain lockdown due to the difficulty of the homeworks I get sometimes but that's just me. If it were so easy to fix these technicalities, I would reduce the difficulty of my homework by 15%. Regarding school relativeness to being successful at life, I think that I don't need to know about 30% of what we learn because it's just a way of making me oriented to obeying rules when I grow up and get a job >< - damn you society *raises wrathful fist*.

Roman: I don't think homework is necessary at all. In fact I think it decreases the student's will to learn and go to school. Homework is so boring these days kids just say the HELL WITH IT. There are also so many ways of getteing around not dooing that it's jsut like WHAT AM I REALLY LEARNING?! We would much rather be at home playing games, or outside interacting with people thatn staring at a global history text book for 3 hours. I think that most of the real learning takes place at the school and inside the classroom. Things like test, even though they are incredibly annoying and we take too many a year, are better for us than homework.external image geog16.gifexternal image 206_big.jpg