Nick in Albany: Monday and Tuesday:
I have reserved the HS Media Center for 2nd and 3rd period. Sophomores should be working on the wiki during this time
May 22nd, 2009
- How do we have a zine party?
Motivation- Review your zines. Review wiki edits.
HW- Review and complete the checklist for tuesday. And a reflection on this school year.

May 18th, 2009
How do we utilize cultural capital?
Motivation: Review "Homage to Catalonia" for cultural capital terms. The media center has been reserved for you.
HW: Assignment #100: Make three (3) strong wiki edits. You may focus "Homage to Catalonia, the Cultural Capital terms, connection to other Orwell texts or your knowledge of world history. Once you have exhausted "Catalonia", you may write about additional topics of your own choosing. Stay focused!

May 19th, 2009
How do we utilize cultural capital?
Motivation: The media center has been reserved for you. Edit wiki during class.
HW: Assignment #101: Make an additional three (3) strong wiki edits on a topic of your choice. You may focus on your Zine, Orwell, Cultural Capital, world history, etc.

May 14th, 2009

5/9/09 English 2A Assignment #98

ROUND ROBIN ZINE READ: Read your classmates’ zines and give them feedback by answering the following questions? 1) What do you think of the zine layout? 2) What do you think about the style and story? 3) How interesting is the topic? 4) How can it be made better? 5) What is successful?

May 6th, 2009

Aim: How do we expand our understanding of community?
Motivation: Review Assignment #92.
HW: Assignment #93 Expand Assignment #92 with more details and examples. It should be one (1) page longer than the previous version. Due tomorrow, where I will check off both #92 and #93.

Today, you are to work independently on your Community piece: expand and revise #92, write down ideas for "field work." including places you need to visit or experiences you can document for your zine or people you need to interview. If the computers are available, you may type these changes out as well, if not, write them in your notebooks. All students should be working actively, if you have trouble completing this in class, dive into The Orwell Reader.

May 5th, 2009

How do we identify our communities?
Motivation: Any questions about the community mini essay?
HW: #92 In 1 to 3 pages, write a bout a single community that you are part of-- include specific details and examples.

May 4th, 2009
Aim: What is community?
Motivation: Review assignment #90. Any questions?
HW: Assignment #91- Utilizing ideas from our class discussion and your own research, write a short essay explaining your own notion of community. It should be one (1) to three (3) pages long. It should include transitional sentences, appropriate quotations and evidence to back up your perspective. Make sure you:

a) provide a working definition of “community” that includes your own perspective. Underline this definition, as this is your thesis statement
b) provide at least three (3) examples of community of which you participate in
c) explain how you participate in these three communities

May 1st, 2009 Aim: How do we connect the oppressions faced by different people?
Motivation: Review your previous assignments connected to our trip to the Jewish museum.
HW: Assignment #90

Assignment #90: You have two (2) choices: A Or B

A) Write an email to Jonathan from Beehive Collective. Let him know what you thought about his presentation and what is happening in Colombia. Speak from your own personal perspective. What do you think? What did you learn? What questions do you have that you would like answered? Write to:

B) Write a short analysis connecting what is happening in Colombia with what happened in Nazi Germany, Occupied Poland or Oceania in 1984. Make a specific connection between these three topics utilizing an underlined thesis statement.
#88: Research and actively read about safe houses in Nazi Germany.

#89: Analyze the film, the presentation and our discussion about our trip to the Jewish Museum.

#87: Response to 1984 questions.
1) Briefly describe Winston in two (2) or more paragraphs. You may describe his personality, actions, appearance or philosophy. Include at least two (2) direct quote from 1984 to support your description.
2) Identify at least three (3) cultural capital terms from 1984. Each term should have its own, brief paragraph or more. Be specific in describing these terms and their meaning. You may choose Newspeak words or terms, including the terms in the Appendix (409-419).
3) Analyze the “Two Minutes Hate” (403-408) in at least two paragraphs. Explain it’s meaning, describe its purpose and how it works. Explain how it relates thematically to the rest of 1984. You should use at least two (2) direct quotations to support your analysis.
Summary of #87: You must write at least seven (7) paragraphs for this assignment. a) 2 to 3, b) 3 and c) 2. You must have seven (7) direct quotes total.

#86: Second draft of Privacy Essay.

#85: Peer Edits on the Privacy Essay.

Aim: Is privacy a human right?
Motivation: Any questions about your quote database?
HW: #84 In a short essay, answer our Aim use at least three direct quotes from 1984 or another service. Length: 1-3 pages.

Aim: How does Orwell use imagery to develop tone?
Motivation: In a sentence define the word privacy.
HW: # 83 create a ten quote database for 1984.

Aim: What political issues concerned Orwell?
Motivation: Any questions about the Orwell wiki edits?

Aim: What defines Orwells writing?
Motivation: review your Orwell biography.
HW: #82 Write about Orwell on our wiki. Document three strong edits.

Aim: Who is George Orwell?
Motivation: Carefully review your biography.
HW: #81 Who is George Orwell? Using TOR, write a one to three page biography of Orwell. Include at least five direct quotes from TOR.

Aim: What makes biography effective?
Motivation: Any questions about Maus II?
HW: # 80 choose a biography of any kind. Analyze it and explain why and how its effective. Clearly analyze it utilizing an underlined thesis and at least three direct quotes from the biography. Minimum one to three pages typed.

Aim: How does World War II end for Vladek?
Motivation: review your write up of the rally march #79

Aim: Were our actions yesterday empowering and successful?
Motivation: Sum up your feelings about yesterday in one (1) sentence.
HW: #79 Write up your experience in narrative form. Write one page minimum. Automatic check plus if you post it on

Aim: What are Vladek's 'troubles'?
Motivation: Any questions?

Aim: What skills are required to survive in Auschwitz?
Motivation: any questions?

Aim: How does Auschwitz affect Vladek psychologically?
Motivation: last chance for portfolios.

Aim: How is Spiegalman's story continued in Maus II?
Motivation: review your portfolio for hand in.

Aim: How does Maus I end?
Motivation: any questions?
HW: portfolios due tomorrow?

Aim: How do we critically read Maus
Motivation: hand in assignment #77

Aim: How does Art utilize symbolism in Maus?
Motivation- any questions?

Aim: How do we evaluate our essay writing process? Motivation: Please review your wiki documentation.
HW: Review, review and expand all previous assignments for the semester. You will receive your portfolio checklist tomorrow. PORTFOLIOS DUE MONDAY, March 16. Assignment #77 Do a second round of edits on your Wiki. Make it really awesome. You are required to put in links, images, audio, video and all that good stuff. Due: Thursday, March 12th, 2009.

March 9th, 2009
Aim: How do we develop a strong wikipage from your essay text? Motivation: Review your third, good draft. HW: #76 Develop a strong, individual wikipage for your essay. In your documentation, include: Name of Page, List of Elements Used (description of images, audio, video, charts, maps, etc). Additionally, I will accept the typed version of #75 if it is currently on your Google Docs account today.

Feb 4th, 2009

Aim: How does Spiegleman use literary techniques to explore character in Maus?
Motivation: Explain "cultural capital" in your own words.
HW: Assignment #63 Develop three (3) strong wiki edits with your group.
Assignment #64Develop three (3) strong wiki edits with your group.
February 3rd, 2009
How does Cultural Capital inform our understanding of Maus?
Motivation: Explain "cultural capital" in your own words.
HW: Assignment #62 Actively read/scan Maus. Create a list of any cultural capital terms that are not on this list. From YOUR new list, or from the master list, create a brief one (1) paragraph explanation that can "seed" a new cultural capital page.

Jan 26th, 2009
Are graphic novels literature?
Motivation: Define the term "graphic novel."
HW: Study for your Regents and Midterm exams!

These essays will be peer edited (#60) and you will be completing a second draft of this essay (#61).
Jan 16, 2009

Aim: How do we analyze a film adaptation of a piece of literature?
Motivation: Take out and review Assignment #58 for sign off.
HW: #59. Develop an essay on Bladerunner based on your interpretation of the film in relation to Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? Your essay should be

1) Argumentative. Your thesis statement should take a perspective on the film. You are trying to convince your reader that your perspective is true. I strongly suggest you use a tripartite thesis statement to support your analysis.

2) Detailed. Be specific, using direct quotes, images or examples from the film to back up your observations. Don’t just say, “The film was more violent than the book.” Give specific examples and details where the film added violence.

3) Length. The essay must be at least two (2) pages long. Type it out. If you utilize outside sources (research on Bladerunner, the comments or thoughts of your classmates, other film reviews) make sure you cite your sources.

Jan 16, 2009

January 13 and 14, 2009
Aim: How does the cinematic version of Blade Runner differ from the book?
Motivation: Portfolio Hand in
HW# 58: Expand your notes