Soul TeKtoniKs

Inspiration Underground

For our Hip Hop Rensizzle, we decided to create an album with at least 12 songs before the week is over.
We named our group Soul TeKtoniKs (Tectonics). Tectonics (noun) - the science or art of assembling, shaping, or ornamenting materials in construction; the constructive arts in general. The reason why we choose this name is because we as a group are together and when we get ready to party we shake things up.
We decided to name our album Inspiration Underground due to the current state of hip hop that revolves around commercialism in music.
To Hear our Fresh Music Buy our album. But to Give you a sample of it you can check us out at

Day 1- Monday

On day one we decided to take a trip to A1 records. We were going to go crate digging and find some old school music to sample so we could make beats. Crate digging is basically going through a bunch of records looking for something special that will make your beat unique. Most of the old school DJ's went crate digging in order to put different sounds together to make something no one else had. A1 records was in downtown Manhattan so we took the train down there and it was fun. When we got downtown we walked around for a long time looking for the record store and in the end we never found A1 records. We came to the conclusion that A1 records had probably closed down so we would never find it. We didn't let that ruin our journey though we found Kim's record store and went crate digging in there. They had a lot of classic old school music from people that we never even heard of. We looked through the records and chose 4 that we thought would be great to sample. We chose Planet Rock, The Rockers soundtrack, Charles Mingus, and The Tunettes. We took these records back and the plan was to make our own beats and sample different parts of these records on them. This whole adventure was video taped and we turned this footage into a music video of all of us on that day. We had a very cheap budget so it was made off a digital camera but it still came out looking really good.

Day 2- Tuesday

On day two we got to work on recording the album. Our "music studio" was in room B6. Since most of us had the beats we were going to use at home, we came in with written lyrics and started recording right away. By the end of the day, we recorded the songs Felling so Fresh in the middle of the night, Plate Tectonics, Broken Dreams, Oh Jesus, and Unforgettable. Day two was really productive because we recorded five out of 12 songs and we was really focused to finish more songs. When we started recording, we really got in the mind set of getting our album done.

Day 3- Wednesday

In the morning of day three we got right back into recording. This day we recorded Lunch Money, Distant Lover, Summer Cruise, and Inspiration Underground. Since all of our members were not in attendance on Wednesday. Jose taught us how to make beats on Fl Studio 8, a music production program. We got together and created the beat for the song Clap Your Hands. In the process of creating this beat we learned how to sample songs and beats. Just like back in the day, DJ's sampled beats in a way where it just fits right in the song. In the art of sampling in beat making, the beat becomes unique when the sample is hard to figure out. In our song Clap Your Hands, we used samples from the songs Champ and The Long Red.

Day 4- Thursday

On day four, we finished recording the album. In the morning we recorded Mista Offica, Glory of the ghetto, and Clap Your Hands. Finally! After three days we finished our album.