spanish civil war
1936 to 1939: A military rising originating in Morocco, headed by General Francisco Franco, spreads rapidly all over the country, thus starting the Spanish Civil War.
After a number of bloody battles in which fortunes changed from one side to the other, the 'nacionales' finally prevailed and made a victorious entry into Madrid (March 28th, 1939).


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The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict that devastated Spain from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939. It began after an attempted coup d'état against the government of the Second Spanish Republic,

The Spanish Civil War was one of the most devastating wars Spain had ever seen throughout the course of it's history. There were many reasons to why this civil war began but the most obvious reason was because the anarchists did not want a republic government. This war was a direct conclusion to the attempted coup d'etat against the government of the Second Spanish Republic.

The war ended with the victory of the rebel forces and the beginning of a dictatorship led by General arancisco Franco. Republicans were supported by the Soviet Union and Mexico, while the followers of the rebellion, nationalists, received the support of Italy and Germany, as well as neighboring Portugal.

This picture shows you the time period of the Spanish Civil War and the soldiers getting ready to attack.

The Spanish civil war was a fight between the Republican and the nationalists of Spain. This fight was mainly fueld because of opposing thoughts to a republic in Spain. Anarchists(people rebelling) fought against those in favor of a republic. This fight influenced the soviet united with mexico to help the republicans who where up against the rebels who were supported by Germany and Italy. In the end the rebels won leading Spain to be ruled by Fransisco Franco who later became a fascist leader.
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The Spanish Civil War was led by Francisco Franco, a fascist dictator. When Franco and his troops invaded Spain the working class responded by a revolution. Every working class individual revolted by stopping factory and other types of work. These people fought in favor of a republic. The fight consisted of Mexico and the Soviet Union to help the republican side while Germany and Italy supported the rebels. The end of this fight ended with the rebels wining and Francisco Franco becoming the Fascist dictator.

The Spanish civil war caused many lives and families. It made children become adults, and adults take care of itself. The Spanish civil war inpowerd nationalism and a for people to stand for what they thought was right. Francisco Franco won and Spain became a fascist country and all the tradionts were being replaced and Spain was becoming something else far from what had been. external image renegades1.jpgIn a longer historical perspective the Spanish Civil War amounts to the opening battle of World War II, perhaps the only time in living memory when the world confronted—in fascism and Nazism—something like unqualified evil. The men and women who understood this early on and who chose of their own free will to stand against fascism have thus earned a special status in history. Viewed internally, on the other hand, the Spanish Civil War was the culmination of a prolonged period of national political unrest—unrest in a country that was increasingly polarized and repeatedly unable to ameliorate the conditions of terrible poverty in which millions of its citizens lived. Spain was a country in which landless peasants cobbled together a bare subsistence living by following the harvests on vast, wealthy agricultural estates. The hierarchy of the Catholic Church, identifying more with wealthy landowners than with the Spanish people, was in full control of secondary education; education for women seemed to them unnecessary and universal literacy a danger rather than a goal. Divorce was illegal. The military, meanwhile, had come to see itself, rather melodramatically, as the only bulwark against civil disorder and as the ultimate guarantor of the core values of Spanish society.