external image spider-lone01.jpgEven something as small, and almost insignificant to us, a spider is a very important living creature in Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep. When John Isidore had found a spider outside of his apartment and greatful for it. He had never been able to get another animal for him to take care of, until he showed it to the three androids in his apartment. Pris saw it and was curious to see what would happen to it if it was to lose any of its many legs. As she was removing its legs John only watched.

The spider in the book, Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep, is a very significant character in one of the chapters. John Isidore who is known for being a special, comes across this wild real that is the spider. Even though today if we ever come across a spider our first intention is to kill it, but Isidore grabs a medicine bottle and rescues it. This moment is filled with the epitome of all the feelings since he has captured a REAL live animal. Specials are not allowed to have animals and so he feels very excited. When he returns to the apartment and shows it to one of his so-called android friends, Pris, ends up cutting off its legs to see if it would survive. John Isidore watched in terror as this happened because he had not power inside of him to stop her. At the end he ends up drowning the spider to end it from its misery.

We can see through all of this that "What is human?" appeals differently to anyone. The androids believed it not human and thought that it was okay to kill it, Isidore on the other hand thought that what they were doing was horrible. This spider brings a lot of sense into everyone and makes people wonder what are the aspects in our life today that make something human. Are there any?

Spiders are a 8 legged creature. In "Do Androids Believe In Electric Sheep," a spider plays a major role in the book. A man named J.R. Isidore finds a live spider which in the plot of the book animals are a big thing and it is hard to find one in the wild. So J.R.s friend, Pris, takes the spider and she feels that the spider doesn't need all 8 legs so she cuts off 4 of them. As she cuts them off J.R. takes the spider and just drowns it in the sink because Pris was already hurting it.

Spider bugs that have two body segments and have 8 legs. Int the book "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" we see the moment when John finds a spider and is filled with joy because considering the fact that he is a special he cant own an animal so he is amazed at the fact that he found a spider so freely. Later when he takes it upstairs the Androids begin asking themselves why does it have so many legs and if they are really necessarily. So she does the common thing to do and begins mutilating it by taking all its legs apart. John is horrified at this sight because he would think that anyone who sees this animal would hold it as sacred but Pris instead does the complete opposite, he later get mad and pushes pris away .

In the book, Do Androids dream of electric sheep? John Isadore finds a spider and is excited since he never saw one in his life. Pris thought of it as a joke and wonders if it can walk on four legs. She was wrong, ad John got mad at her for killing the spider, he then throws it away.external image spider.jpg
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Australia is home to many different species of spiders. They even have one of the most poisonous spiders on earth. It's called the Deadly Funnel Web spider. It's so poisonous that it can kill it's victim in about 15 minutes if not received the proper treatment.

Deadly fangs of the Sydney Funnel Web Spider

Many people in the world fear spiders. The fear of spiders is called Arachnophobia, and it's the most common phobia out there.

In the book do androids dream of electric sheep J.R. finds a spider and he thought it was amazing cause he never found a real live animal and Pris thought it would be amusing if she cut the legs off to see if it can walk on four legs.
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