external image tehran.jpgTehran is the capital and largest city of Iran. It is also the largest city in the middle east and is most populated in western Asia. It has a population of 7, 404, 515 people. Tehran is known for large museums, art centers and palaces. Tehran

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Tehran is the largest city and capital of Iran.It is also the highest place of the middle east standing at 18,00 feet. Tehran is a very modern city with many immense highways and many ski resorts.

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Tehran is the 4th largest city in the world and the capital of Iran.
Tehran is famous for its numerous ski resorts on the alborz slopes, big museum and art centers.

Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran, and the administrative center of Tehran Province. tehran

Tehran is in the north part of Iran. It covers around 1500sq.kms. It is Iran most populated
city and its in the middle of all political and economic activities. Tehran started coming up
around the Safavid period. During the Safavid period Shah Tehmasp was the king. http://www.farsinet.com/tehran/


Tehran is the largest city in Iran and is also the capital city . they have many touristtic places like museums and sculptures. iran1.jpg

Tehran is the capital of Iran and is A very buisy city. Tehran is the capital and largest city of Iran, it hold many ancient historic buildings, including mueseums and art center.
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