A cigarette is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco
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Cigarette is a thin tube like stick that has tabbacco rolled up inside of it. Marjane gets a cigarette also known as a lucy and it shows that she wants to be and she thinks she is all grown up from before.
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There still are many brands of cigarette for sale today and millions of people buy even though they know the risks of it. A couple famous of cigarette brands would be Marlboro, Camel and Winston. This link shows information about the brands.

I think that like many teens around the world, Marjane felt that she was now an adult, grownup, after she smoked her first cigarette. Personally i don't agree with it. But with everything going on around Marjane, I think that she has been deeply scarred permanently by the war. And there is a loss of innocence. Marjane doesn't say that she lost her innocence, instead to be more playful, she mentions, "I kissed childhood good bye with my first cigarette." I think Marjane sees the cigarette as a temporary escape from reality. At such a young innocent age she had to deal with revolution, then her close friends and families being affected, and then now she has to deal with the Iraqis attacking her country. It is almost like Marjane is going through a transformation and she is becoming more and more radical.

A cigarette is a roll of tobacco wrapped in paper. In the book Persepolis Marjane talks about smoking a cigarette that she stole from her uncle, she uses the cigarette as a symbol of moving on from childhood. More info. on Cigarette and it's affects.
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Cigarette short for Cig. A Cigarette has a filter. If you smoke 1 cigarette you lose 7 minutes of your life spand. Cigarette is a Nicotine. Cigarette makes your teeth yellow. It can make you have Cancer, Heart disease, etc.

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is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of cured and finely cut tobacco leaves and reconstituted tobacco,

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In the chapter "The cigarette," Marjane starts to grow up and lose her innocence. She uses this symbol and says that she kisses childhood goodbye, since it's "the grown up" thing to do. Her mother and her uncle are people in her family who smoke and she decides that if she wants to be more like them, she has to act like them too. This whole chapter is called "The Cigarette" since Marjane begins to cut class with her friends, and begins to think more like a grown-up. Things were going on in society that she didn't agree with such as the million people that died during the war. Marjane chose this metaphor since it paints a picture for the reader to see what she meant by growiing up and losing her child like ways. She wanted to see things as an older person would and not as a child.
She wanted to be accepted by an older crowd and believed that she could be a grown up after all she has experienced things and seen throughout the war. She even saw that at first smoking the cigarette was hard but she couldn't give up since that was what was going to make her grow. I personally don't agree with his concept she made but she felt most comfortable doing it this way.


This image can show how smoking can give the impression of making you feel "grown up."

A cigarette is basically a drug composed of tobacco wrapped in paper. This drug is a very dangerous and serious one because it is known to cause many health problems such as lung cancer,liver failure,etc. People have smoked this drug and died despite the warning that the media has broadcast on TV and radio. In the book Persepolis it resembles the barrier between adulthood and childhood and once one has smoked it for the 1st time they have become and adult and left their childhood behind.

Cigarettes are a what people inhail to relieve stress. Cigarettes are unhealthy and can damage the lung's big time. Also cigarettes can cause cancer and my other ilnesses included heart failures/ heart attacks. As what Marjane says in the book, smoking is a sign of growing up.



The cigerate is a symbol of maturity according to marjane it shows how grown she is.

A cigerattes a bad thing just lets say if its not an aditiction then its just something you do, not really bad unless if you smoke about a pack a day. Filltered cigerattes and worse than just the actually durg. It is worse because it has all this chemicals and those instead of helping they make things worse. Its really a bad thing to start to smoke let alone do it where little children are able to see.

A cigarette is a product consumed through smoking and manufactured out of tobacco leaves.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cigarette
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