"The Dowry" is the last chapter of Persepolis and it shows symbolically how Marjane cant really fit anywhere because the way she thinks and basically who she is. She gets expelled from her school because she refuses to give in her jewelery and she hits the principal. After that she manages to get into a new school but there she gets into trouble again because she speaks out against her religion teacher because she was lying to the children by saying that under the religious regime. Then her mom tells her that if she gets arrested her fate would be the same as Niloufar and that would mean that the guardian would have to marry her and take her virginity so her mom was so upset that she started to cry. One day her parents told her that they were going to send her to Austria because the way she was and how she was educated it would mean that she would make more progress if she was some where else rather then Iran.
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-A dowry (also known as trousseau or tocher) is the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her soon to be husband in marriage or vice versa.
-A dowry is money, property, or goods that a woman brings as a gift to her husband upon marriage. The practice of using a dowry, also known as trousseau is a custom that has been around for centuries and was most commonly practiced in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
-Providing dowries for poor women was regarded as a form of charity.
-However, the practice of giving a dowry also began to compromise the treatment of women. Though a dowry is now an outdated practice for most cultures, some countries have practiced the custom into modern times.
-India is an example of a country with dowry customs in modern times. However, many of the laws pertaining to dowries have been changed and as of 1961, the use of a dowry is prohibited, although not unheard of