The Jewels chapter in Persepolis show a family who is trying to start over from the devastation that was going on in their home. Their hometown was being bombed and so they went to stay at Marjane's home to sleep and spend a few days with. The husband of this family complains to Marjane's father that all he could save was a few jewels and seemed to be materialistic. Through these jewels Marjane tries to explain that this family had lost basically everything they had. They had to wait to sell those jewels so that they could go somewhere else and start over but until that happened they stayed at Marjane's home. Marjane's mom's friend had overheard all the terrible things people have been gossiping about southern Iranian women and it hurt her. Those jewels were what were going to help her start over but yet it helped her open her eyes on how society really was. It was a "dog eat dog" world that she and her family had to live through.
Through the jewels we can also see that this family was very materialistic since they had been from an upper class family where the kids had whatever they wanted and lived in a ginormous house built with marble. This all went away in a flash when the war started and all this family could save were these jewels since they believed that was what was going to help them in the later future when they didnt realize that all they really needed was family.external image materialism.jpg
This picture shows that we sometimes take things for granted and use things we really don't need.

external image diamonds%20stolen%20belgium-No58-_Epoque_Fine_Jewels.jpg Jewels are very valuable items that you can use around your neck to look fancy. Some jewels are so good that they dont break because they are real.nice jewels

In this chapter the jewels stand for a reminder of what was once had. Before the war things weren't all that great but peolpe weren't as badly treated as they are now.