luv.jpgThe Letter in Persepolis was a metaphor describing the difference in social classes. In this chapter, Marjanes maid falls in love with their next door neighbor. They send letters to each other describing how they love each other. But Marjanes mainly the one writing it. Her maid wasn't able to because since she was in a low social class, being able to have a good education was scarce. But when Marjanes dad found out that this secret affair was going on, her dad confronts the man Marjanes maid was in love with. When the guy found out, he acted as if he didn't give a damn. Mainly because they were in completely different social classes. He lost interest. The letter acted as a barrier between their love and social classes. When the boy didn't know Mehri was their maid, he would send her letters, and she would reply. But while these letters were being passed to each other, the boy did not know of her class, and continued to like her and see her.
I think that the letter signified the barrier between social classes in Iran. If it wasn't for Marjane, Mehri, the maid, would not have been able to communicate with the boy because she came from a peasant background, where as he was a middle class boy. Mehri didn't know how to read or write, so dependent on Marjane to read since Marji was from a higher social class and has access to education. The letter allowed Mehri to pretend to be a middle class girl, whereas if Mehri and the boy had met in reality, he would have known that she was a maid, not a daughter of a Cadillac driving man.
  • The letter in Persepolis is a chapter that revolves around Marji's housekeeper, Mehri. This chapter is supposed to signify social classes in Iran. There is a boy who lives across from Marji's house, and Mehri starts to like him. The boy started to send her letters, but Mehri did not know how to read or write so Marji had to write the letters for her. Mehri wants to pretend that she is a middle-class person, so by sending the letters to the guy, she can actually move up the social class. However, Marji's father finds out and tells the guy the truth about Mehri, and the guy basically forgets all about her. Marji's father is a hard-core revolutionist, however he does not want people to think that Mehri is his daughter.bad.jpg
After Marjane's father went and told the neighbor that the person he been talking to was his maid and not his daughter.

In this chapter we get to see the difference between social classes. Marjane's maid pretended to be Marjane's sister so that she would be able to be part of people with higher social class status and talk to the neighbor next door. The problem was that soon after Marjane's father found out because of Mehris sisters jealousy and went to talk to the boy and when he told him that she wasn't her daughter but in reality she was her maid. He didn't think about it so he just gave him all the letters.Then her father told Marjane that their love was impossible and Marjane was surprised and confused because she wondered if her father was against or for social class.
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