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Taken from the back of the Orwell Reader:

The Orwell Reader is a remarkable collection that showcases Orwell's talent as a writer, reporter, and social critic. Selected from his vast array of fiction, essays, and reportage, the writings in this anthology reveal the development of Orwell as a writer and thinker, as well as reflect and illuminate the troubled times in which he lived and worked. His gifts as an interpreter of the social and political landscape are justly celebrated, as is his mastery of the vivid portrait, the humorous scene, and the dramatic and absorbing tale. To readers who are familiar only with Orwell's famous works, this collection offers a fresh view of a writer in whom compassion and enjoyment are as native as the rage for justice.

Students' opinions/thoughts on George Orwell as an author

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George Orwell:
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Burmese Days
A Hanging
Dog Metaphor in "A Hanging"
Rudyard Kipling.
Reflections on Gandhi
Shooting an elephant
Decline of the English Murder
Homage to Catalonia
From 1984
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Inner feelings

Francisco Franco

Animal Farm

A bit of 1984 film - based on George Orwell's novel - via Youtube

The term Orwellian come from his name.