"The Shabbat" is a good chapter that shows how Marjane didn't really realize exactly how dangerous it was to live in the country's capital that is targeted so much. One day the sirens turned on and there were missiles that were headed to Tehran. Marjanes said if they were going to go to the basement, her mom answered,"Considering the damage they do, whether were in the basement or on the roof, its the same thing."This was shocking to Marjane since she never actually realized the danger she was in. Later a missile hit the house next to Marjanes which ended up killing her friend Neda. Marjane was so mad and upset that her friend had died she didn't even have it expected that she would die. Marjane was so upset she thought why would someone like her have to die. Another child that ended up dieing because of the war.
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The shabbat means a day of prayer for the jews where they can reflect on their week and have a higher elevation of thinking. It is a very holy day and written in their Ten Commandments. On this day, many jewish people are expected to be home and to pray and not be partying outside somewhere else. Some people think it is holier than the Yom Kippur, since it is the day God rested fom creating the world. The chapter called "The Shabbat" in Persepolis, is a very tragic one since it portrays the cruelty of the war and how it affects innocent people. Marjane had never thought that someone so close to her could be bombed and hurt, she even said, " No scream in the world could have relieved my suffering and my anger."(142) Because of the Sabbath, her Jewish friend was still home instead of being out, and died because of a bomb on her street. The Sabbath is a symbol of depression and sadness for Marjane.

In this cartoon we see a man yelling at a toaster for working on a Sabbath day. This funny cartoon shows hom important this day is for many people and how religious it is as well.

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