The Village is a highly fun role playing parlor game/icebreaker.0049-Huts-in-a-Cingalese-Village-q50-1600x1200.jpg

The Object of the Game is to use any kind of strategy (psychological mind-games, cunning behavior, and clues) to figure out who the Werewolf is before everyone is murdered by it.

To play The Village, you need at least nine people. The maximum amount of people you can have is twelve.
Each person has to play a role:
The roles are:

The Child
The Elder
The Witch
The Werewolf
The Hunter
The Peasants

There is also The Host. The host is not counted as one of the members of the village, but is a narrator of the game, making it very important to listen to him.

In the beginning, the Host will hand out the identity's at random to the players. Without reaction, they will see their roles and hide them. When the game begins, it is nighttime. At this time, all players will have their eyes closed and their heads lowered. This way they won't cheat(Don't cheat because the game will boring and/or canceled!). To make sure that they don't hear what's going on around them, they will repeatly make noise with their feet and/or hands. Then the Host will call out to the special characters in this order: child, elder, witch, werewolf, hunter. One by one he will say, "Child wake up...Okay child go to sleep." Then, "Elder wake up...Here's a clue...Go to sleep Elder" And so on and so forth. After everyone has been called, it will be daytime. Before anyone can speak, the Host will say who was killed during the night by a gunshot or by the teeth of a werewolf. They will then say their identity and watch the game quietly without telling who everyone is. Then the Villagers will speculate wildly on who the Werewolf may be. After the disputes and arguments are over, the Village will choose who they want dead. This is called the Mandate. If over 50% of the village chooses one person to die, the hunter, if he chooses to shoot in the night, will have to kill the Mandate. This process continues until the game is over.

Here are your special characters:
The Child is another clue giver. Their power can only be used when one of their "parents" died. Their "parents" are the ones that sit by their side. If one of their parents are killed, their power can be put to use. When it is nighttime, the host will ask if the Child wants to use their power. Their power is that they can point to anyone and ask the host if they are the Werewolf. The Host will then nod yes or no.
external image stewie.jpg

The Elder is given clues each night of who the werewolf may be. The Host may say, "Is the Werewolf wearing jeans?" Silently, the host nods yes or no. The elder can either decide to give out their identity to help the village or keep their identity secret and make the game a lot more interesting.

external image gandalf.jpg

The Witch protects people from being killed and/or transformed into a werewolf. She is the only character that can save you from a werewolf killing so be careful if the Witch dies. She cannot protect someone twice in a row but she can choose them one right after another. For example, the Witch chooses herself. Then she chooses another random person. Next, she chooses herself again.
external image White-Witch-Poster-C12183840.jpeg

The Werewolf has one goal in the game: kill everyone before he is killed. When the game starts, there are three days until a full moon. On this full moon, the werewolf can either kill two people or bite into someone and turn them into a second werewolf. Every four days after the first full moon, another full moon will be cast upon the village.
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The Hunter is the only character, besides the Werewolf, who can kill people. The catch to this role is that he only has three to four (depending on # of players) silver bullets. Once those four silver bullets are gone, the game is over because no one else can kill the Werewolf. If the hunter was to be eaten by the werewolf, then one of the peasants have to come forward and be the sheriff.

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Other Characters:
The Sheriff is a hidden character that can only be activated when the hunter is dead. If the hunter is killed, the gun he has is placed in the center of the village. The village will then vote on a sherrif to pick up the gun. The trick to this gun is that it can only be fired by peasants. If a special character is selected to pick up the gun, they cannot fire it. The sheriff may kill anyone he or she thinks is the werewolf.
external image sheriff.jpg

The Peasant has no real special power but to become sheriff. The peasants can be used as pawns in this game. You can either instigate to save someone or you can lay back and let the others speculate. Either way, the peasants are the majorities. They are the only ones who can save the village if the hunter was killed.
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Opinion on the game

I love to play the games, because it really fun, funny, scary, and etc. If yours he werewolf you can win by being cool and being able to answer to peoples questions. Not like me, whenever I am the werewolf and people say I am the werewolf, I can’t lie and say no I’m not because I’m not capable of back my self up. I get nevres and says stupid stuff and studier. I think best liar and person who can response to questions quickly are the winner. even tho i lose all the time i still love the game and i always have fun playing it.