wine_-_Copy.jpgLaws became in forced people could have things like parties no more. They took people away that had these parties, or things that were banned. Things that were banned were records, videocassettes, playing cards and chess sets. When bombs went off Marjane found herself in the basement most of the time. But she then started to notice that upstairs was changing too. Her mother stared to add black curtains to protect them from her neighbors and masking tape to protect them from flying glass that may accrue when there are bombings. She did not really understand why they needed to be protected from the neighbors, but with all the parties they had. They had to make sure no one see them having these parties. Someone across the street from them got taken away because one night two guardian came to visit them. They told the owner of the house that there neighbor said they were having parties and that is strictly forbidden. The guards went searching and found everything that was banned. They took the owner of his house and wife away, beaten and whipped the man. Sent the wife home because she would not stop crying, but gave her a very hefty fine. When the husband finally got home he could not walk no more.

Wine is a very tasty drink that can calm you down. httexternal image wine.jpgp:// 180px-Red_Wine_Glas.jpg