Passports.jpgIn The Passport Marjane's uncle becomes so sick that he's on the verge of dying. His wife takes him to the hospital but they don't have the tools necessary to take care of him so he must fly out to England. Marjanene's dad finds a man that can make hes brother a fake passport but in the end the guy runs away. I guess the passport is like a key or a salvation because if anyone could get it, than the person would be allowed to run away

I think that the passport signifies a person's key to movement. In the Declaration of Human Rights it states that every human has a right to travel wherever they feel like, however, the People of Iran was deprived of that during the war. Marjane's uncle couldn't get his passport on time and he died while waiting for it. We, people who have U.S. passports and travel document take that right for granted and we don't appreciate it that much. However, right now people in North Korea are deprived of that right and they cannot escape from the oppression there. Just like in Iran, no one could get in nor get out of the country legally.

passport2.jpgA Passport is something important you need to travel from country
to country.

A passport is a pass that lets you leave the country and travel to others by plane. Passportexternal image passport.jpg

In this chapter one notices many things like the difference between social classes. Marjane is in the upper class therefore she has been kind of shielded from reality. But once her uncle gets sick and she pays a visit to the hospital she starts to see all the pain and tragety that people are suffering. This had been hiding for so long, and Marjane had never seen it this up close but now it all starts to change. She's still in a high social class but for being in it she experienced this much latter.