Turkey is located in the middle east between the two continents which are Asia and Europe. The Mediterranean and the Black Sea border Turkey. Because Turkey is located in between these two continents it has developed a unique blend of Eastern and Western culture. It is a secular country in which its republic was set by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Turkey's capital is Ankara being the second largest city ( first being Istanbul.) Turkeys most popular sport is football and its national sport is oiled wrestling. Due to its secular government Turkey has always been suspicious of its neighboring country's since they have an Islamic State.The crescent and the star in the flag represent the Islamic belief of Turkey though it no longer has a mix of religion and government it still is a Muslim country.
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In persepolis Marji's parent went on a vacation to Turkey. They asked her if she wanted anything when they returned, but marji wasn't too siked. She wasn't too exicted because turkey wasn't that modernized and she wanted thinks that were western.