Westernization in Persepolis

In Persepolis there are many references that westernization has occurred in Iran. Westernization is basically influences from America and Europe. Marji's father wears a tie, which he is once told by an Iranian policeman, "You think I'm stupid!!! I can tell by your tie! Piece of Westernized trash!" (108) Marji also has western influences regarding her clothing, like when she wore a punk sweater, tight jeans, or when she had on Nike sneakers. And throughout the book, even though it is not mentioned, she is seen wearing Adidas sneakers. Marji also likes western singers like Kim Wilde and Michael Jackson. Marji's little cousins are also westernized, asking if Marji has Star Wars toys. Marji and her friends also eat western food. In the chapter The Cigarette, instead of eating typical Iranian food they go out for Burgers and Hot Dogs at Kansas on Jordan Avenue.
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Iran began to get more westernized as Marji grows up. She very westernized. She loves to listen music from America and the clothing style. Even her dad is westernized. He wears a tie. Anything that is western in Persepolis is forbidden. Marji was about to get arrested in the streets just because she was earrings, jeans and sneakers. There were also people with "Westernized hair," such as Buzz cuts. There were people called the Guardians of the Revolution. They would look out for people acting or looking Westernized, and throw them in jail.


In the book Persepolis you can see the influence that the western countries more commonly the US has on Iran. Ranging from the things they watch as movies down to the food they eat. Icons in music such as "The King of Pop" Michael Jackson and famous movies such as the ever popular Star Wars. It is seen that these things arent always approved in other societies and can have serious consequences.

In Persepolis, westernization is mainly shown through clothing. When Marjane's family was stopped by the patrol, the man reognized Marji's dad's tie. Also Marjane like clothes and shoes like jeans, NiKE'S, espadrilles, etc. She is even rebellious when she is forced to wear the veil. Instead of wearing the veil by fully covering all parts of her hair, she takes out little strands on the side as a sign of protest.

In Persepolis there was a lot of westernization that went on. Majane's family was mostly westernized in Iran. They listened to Kim Wilde and all of these other artist. They would throw parties and drink wine. They even dressed a certain way. Westernization is more of America/Europe. In Iran if you were influenced by that you would get stopped by the police and go to jail. fries,_burger,_coke.gif