unisphere.jpgWhat Parents Want:

Curriculum Night 9/17/08

Responsibility. Action. Discussion and expression. Growth and knowledge.

The kids should really get it. Not so much emphasis on testing. Too much pressure. No recall from cramming. I want my child to GET IT.

I want a better school year. Interest is higher. More maturity. Education emphasized. Carrying knowledge into the future.

Be challenged, yet meet that challenge deeper, working harder. Realizing potential. Experience more. Think more. Express more.

Grades and skills are important, but developing full potential is more important whether in the world of work or in college.

Lots of writing, redrafting, calling it out, working hard. Parents should be taught wikis. What is literature about? How is lit and history connected? Critical thinking? No inanity. Cut it out already.

Deeper appreciation of history. Language and its value. Become more well rounded, appreciate current events, extracurriculars. Stay respectful of others.

What is this wiki thing?!? School work should be a focus. More organized. More expressive.

Learning can be fun!!!!!! Organization x10.

We're all in this together.

Time management and responsibility.

This year should be the breakout year for expression. When we ask him what he learns, he goes "Huh?" That expressiveness is a part of education. We hope we can be a team with the teachers. More involvement with the students.

Reading more and COMPREHENDING more. Explaining more.

Inspiration. I need her to be challenged. Not regret her choice of staying here and not going elsewhere. Get a social life. Build real relationships, not just casual friends.

More organized. Communication with the teachers. Don't wait until there's a problem; proactive communication. Focused, creative and ready. Success.

Grow in independence. Avoid tunnel vision. Stop, breathe, and really appreciate whats happening right now. Everything should be meaningful, not just fun, or interesting.

Grow in writing!! Be excited in all her classes.

I want the literature should be tied to contemporary events or cultural experiences. The writing should be tied in and more visual. Media studies. More interaction.

Can 9th grade get involved with the wiki? Yep.

Improve in writing. Develop complete thoughts, not fragments. Okay is not good enough, give examples, make clear the meaning.

VERB TENSES!!!!! GRAMMAR GEEK OUT. Take an AP class. College credit.