Why do YOU think that Holden lies so much? Write your answers below:external image liar_liar.jpg

MOE: Holden lies a lot because he gets bored during conversations. He tries to impress people, let them feel sorry for him, or in some way connect with him. Once Holden tells a single lie it begins to drag along and get bigger and bigger like a snowball rolling down a snowy hill. Holden is a great liar and you can tell when he is speaking to the mid aged woman at the airport.

MabellyG92: I think that Holden lies so much to cover up who he really is- a kid that's angry and depressed about his brother's death. He lies to make up a new him, so that he won't have to deal with his reality. That's why he comes up with stories about who he is. I think that he is a pathological liar, and that he enjoys lying to people. Even if he lies about something as simple as going to the store to buy a magazine. In the book Holden says, "If I'm on my way to the store to buy a magazine, even, and somebody asks me where I'm going, I'm liable to say I'm going to the opera." (22) I think that this quote shows how serious his problem is. He needs help. He should go and talk to a therapist about why he lies so much.

Chakalakala- I think he lies so much one- to make every thing much more interesting for him. This truly is his way of TV. He gets bored so he makes up a bunch of stories to make everything funny and be able to see how gullible people can be. Two- it could be just to hide who he really is. deny his real life and live in a fantasy world that he can change how life is as much as he wants. Keeps his mind thinking that life based on the fake and the young things he can do to keep him as if he never grew from when Allie died.

Ajg49: I think he lies to hide the fact that he's upset about his life and that he's confused. He may also be lying because it does keep life interesting. He can live in his own fantasized world. I don't think he enjoys lying to people because he said some where in chapter that when he was talking to Ernie's mother that he felt bad lying to her. I think that he's lied so many times in his life that he kind of killed his conscience, at least when it comes to lying. Because he's a parapathic liar, he can just say he can just say that he's going to the opera instead of just saying that he's going to buy a magazine, which is the truth. It never said that he actually said that, though. I think he lies to new people to make himself more interesting, which does make him a phony, but he sometimes feels bad if he hates the effect of his lie. (If he likes the person, I'd say)

JulioI : I think that the reason why Holden lies a lot is because he wants to feel good about himself , I mean this character has been through a lot, his brother died , he got kicked out of school, and much more. Lying would make him feel better about him self and in social aspects . That is what I personally think about the fact that Holden lies.

Ikamebac: Holden lies a lot was to make himself hide the truth from others. To make himself more well known in a good way or you can say "good reputation". But most of the time when he lies, it often turns out to be crappy. The lie was useless and he wished that he had never said anything stupid in the first place.

Alvin17- I believe Holden lies a lot because he turns one little lie into a larger one. Basically, he's a pathological liar. I also think he lies a lot because he might not like is past. His brother died. His other brother left him. And he doesn't have contact with his little sister, or his parents. Lying may make him feel better.

Historyscott13- i think he is trying to create a new reality for him self he does not have to face the reality that he keeps flunking out his siblings are so much better then him and he is a pathalojical liar hwe has to face this so by lying he does not have to face it he can take the persona of a school kid with a "tumor on the bran" he needs an ancor som one to hold his emotions down i think his desesed younger brother did that but with him dead he needs an new ancor.

Brownab: I think he lies so much is because its hard for him to stop. Once you already lie a lot and you continue to do so, you begin to pick up that habit and before you know it, you'll be lying about some of the dumbest things or worst. You lying may cost someones life or even yours or some one dear to you. But then again, who is dear to him considering on the way he's been acting lately. That could be one of the reasons he is known to act like child or at least a 12 year old.

In a lot of his quotes, he states that he lies to have fun, out of boredom. Holden always seems to be bored. He gets "a kick" out of lying to people and seeing their reactions. I think another reason why he chooses to lie most of the time is to hide who he really is. Also linking to his hypocrisy of people, he turns out to be an insecure wreck inside. Holden doesn't want to be how he is. So he always happens to reinvent himself with other unknown identities.
salten: I think Holden lies a lot just to hide his true feelings.Once a person starts lying theu keep going on and on and cant stop themselves. I think that Holden is doing all those kind of stuffs because he's lonely. He cant himself and he needs help from a person who is close to him.

Jlayne: Sometimes he dislikes it and sometimes he gets a kick out of it. "It kills him" to see someone's reaction to his comments or his fake identity. Just like when he was on the train to New York while talking to Ernest Morrows mother. He said that Ernest was a very smart and modest kid to get her all excited even though Ernest was a bastard who whipped the boys with towels all the time. That made me laugh.

Brinerr16: I think there are various reasons for Holden's lying. I think one reason may be that lying comes so easily to him, and he just eccentuates the fact that he's a good liar. He entertains himself when people believe him. You usually only see Holden lying to adults. I think this is because he's in that teenage stage in life where he feels like he cannot trust adults. He also finds many adults as "fake" people, so maybe he acts fake to them as well.

Anjelica: I think that Holden is a liar because he doesn't want to let anyone in.He believes that if he gets someone to close to him then he will get hurt.Its his defense mechanism.This keeps him isolated from life.

Soleil: I think Holdens lies, because he wants the attention from other people. He likes to make his life more intresting, and instead of telling the truth to people he lies about what he has done and what he is about to do.Holden is just a big phony to many people once he starts lieing he cant stop its a habit he has.

enlgishpat9: I think Holden lies a lot because he doesn't want people to know who he really is. Holden is the way he is because of his brother Allie. After he died, he change completely. He loves his brother a lot that when he died a part of himself was lost. Plus Holden doesn't want people to know what he does because he doesn't want people to know that he is not a good student and that he got kicked out of school a lot. Besides people don't need to know his personal life.
errazuriz223: I think Holden lies a lot because he is a bad person. He does not care about himself or any body so it does not matter to him if he lies or not. He lies about everything even small things like where he is going. I don't think he will ever stop lying because it's not like he lies about small things. He lies about big thin gs like brain tumors. Holden seems like a sick minded person and it's too late to turn around. He probably lies because he has nothing better to do. He might have no friends and could be lonely so he makes up a lot of lies to entertain himself.

ashsmart11: I think that Holden lies so much because he probably wants sympathy for something, or he just finds pure enjoyment out of it. Although,lying is not a good thing to do because lying can get you into some serious trouble, depending on the situation. Holden probably just lies to the people he doesn't really like or he doesn't like the person he is talking to. He probably just doesn't know how to answer a question or approach the situation. Holden does like to lie though, but he doesn't tell us why he lies, though. He acts like he is proud to be a liar. Weird...
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I.V.M: iight I think that Holden lies because he can. He probably wants to test how phony people are, then all he has to do is lie. He told that woman on the train that he had to get brain surgery, and she ended up feeling sorry. But he tested her in a way because she really felt sorry and didn't just say it.
Omar: holden lies alot because maybe he thinks that he is still 13. In the book he said that he does not want to leave 13 because that's when his brother died and he always what's to saty that gae because of that and he miss's him alot.