Hector: I think that the author uses mice because it showed what Hitler thought of them. I think that he thought of them of being on race, nobody was different, that was very dirty and needed to be exterminated. I also think that he used mouse because Germans were cats and cats kill mice. Everything is related because later dog's are american and they chase the Nazi's away.

external image Maus3set.JPGI think that the reason rats were used, was to represent the different races in the book. Another reason I think rats used is because rats are seen as pests and should exterminated. This relates to the holocaust and how the Jews were being exterminated by the Nazis.

Kainat: The mouse is used as a stereotype for how Jews were seen by Hitler or the majority of people during the Holocaust. They are usually described as dirty scavengers, which is what Jews had to stoop down to at that time, in order to survive with their families as long as possible. The other characters in the book are portrayed as either Cats, which are used for Germans, or Pigs, which are used for Non-Jewish-Poles, basically the food chain of the Holocaust.

Francois: In the graphic novel Maus, Art Spiegelman uses animals in his illustrations to tell the story of the Holocaust. Instead of using illustrated humans as charters in the book, Spiegelman uses these animals to make the tone of the book mellower, since an illustration of a human being killed would be much harsher. Spiegelman also uses mice, cats and pigs to differentiate between races. For the Jews, Art uses mice as a stereotype to show how Jews were viewed by Hitler and many others in society. Since Jews are viewed as little smart, sneaky, dirty creatures, Spiegelman uses these chrematistics to place them into illustration. He also uses these same characteristics to place the Germans and the Poles in this graphic novel.

Rashel: I have read Maus II before and I always wondered why there were mice, pigs and cats represented instead of humans. Then in class we were talking about what the animals represent. The mice represent the Jews and the cats the Germans.

Well, the question all comes down to, "How are mice viewed upon in the real world?" Mice are pests. They are looked upon as disgusting. They shouldn't even be respected, in fact, it is widely believed that they should be rid of, for they have caused and still cause such a big problem in the world. They are filthy and carry disease. So, why out of all animals, must it have been the mice that Speigelman decided to use? Well, number one, the mice represented the Jews. How were the Jews viewed upon by the Nazis? As a piece of sh*t. This is exactly why thousands were done away with or to put it in a more pleasant way- exterminated. When I think about it, it gives me a chill, because this is people we are talking about. The fact that they were looked upon the same way people see mice, it gives me this sad feeling, because just like mice, these people were exterminated. The saddest thing about it was that there isn't even a reason for it. They aren't filthy like mice. They aren't pests. So why is the question? Why were they killed? Well, simply because there is evil in this world, that's why.

Andres: I think that the reason that the Jewish people are represented by cats is that the Jews are represented as the more vulnerable weaker group of people. In real life the Jew's where oppressed by the Nazi's, the much bigger stronger group. I think that's why the Jew's are mice so it all makes sense in the story in which other animals besides mice represent other groups besides Jew's. In nature the bigger cats are enemies for no reason with mice. Well in the holocaust the Nazi’s hate the Jews for some reason. In my opinion rat's are disgusting in real life but in book's they make for good heroes of story's the cat's however are
used to represent evil, I can understand why.

Ashley: I fell that Art felt wanted to relate the Jews to mice and the cats and the Germans because the way that they can be viewed. In class we mentioned that mice can be nasty, sneaky and scavengers. That is a stereo-type type that has been placed on the Jews since God knows when and as we all know that cats hate mice and is superior to them so that is why Art made the Germans the cats. They can't stand each other. Aexternal image maus.jpgnother reason that I thought was a good reason for making humans into animal form was to give a different, yet similar perspective. Thinking in a state of mind, for example, when making all the characters into animals it is a little bit easier to see or understand then in the view of a human.

Michele: If you think of a mouse, what do you think of? Dirty, sneaky, lower class, etc. Well I think Art is trying to show the readers how low class the Jews were. And since the cat and mouse don't get along so he put the cat as the Germans.

Andrea: When the author wrote his book I am sure what exactly was going on. He found a way to represent the people as animals. He found the stereotypes that are made on different types of races like the Jews, the Polish and the Nazi. The Jews themselves were the mice, the Germans are represented by cats, the Americans are represented by dogs, the poles are represented by pigs, the Rema (gypsies) are represented by gypsy moths, the French are represented by frogs, the Swedes are represented by deer, and the British are represented by fish. The mice themselves are shown because it gives the reader a sensation that the mice are weak and helpless as the dirty filthy ones. The Germans as the cats show that they have power over jews, it’s the usual concept that cats are the stronger ones and when they are going to catch them they like to play with them. It was not only the mice that he represented with animals.

Sinead: Mice are considered to be sneaky, disgusting, un worty of love creatures to most peopel. In this book they are potrayed as mice because there is also the sterotype that is the same for the jews.

Francois: I think that the author used mice as jews because since they are sneaky creatures he told abotu them.

Mark: I believe that the author chooses mice instead of any other animal because the Jews had to hide during the holocaust because the Germans were looking for them. Mice are very good at hiding and some only come out for food. In the story, thats exactly what some of the jews did. They only came out of hiding to find food for there kids and family.