YELL! is a youth activist group based out of TRCS. It was founded in 2004 with the mission of ending apathy among the youth and getting them interested in issues that affect them.

YELL! has organized three city-wide youth activist conferences, with workshops like "Education for Liberation", "Youth and the morning-after pill", "Radical Cheerleading", "Visual Resistance" and "Print It Yourself."

YELL! meets every Tuesday in room 313 from 3:10pm-5pm. If you'd like to get involved, drop in. Veggie treats abound! If you want to contact YELL!, you can write them at youthnyc[at]

For me YELL! is a way for the community to interact and share things that maybe other people might not have.

Tuesday, November 14th (3:15-5:00)

HIV/AIDS Workshop and Open Discussion:

Come to room 313 and meet and hear from Neeraj Mistry, an AIDS activist and medical doctor.

He will give a presentation on HIV/AIDS and then we will have an OPEN DISCUSSION on related topics of students' interest. All questions are okay, all topics are acceptable. Come to the meeting, bring your brain, your questions and learn something! Food will be provided.

If you have questions, ask Nicholas or any YELL! member.