ZFP.jpgZarb: "long-necked lute, with 4 strings, 25-28 movable frets and wooden body"
The drums originate from Persia.

Person playing the zarb.

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Zarb is also a common Maltese surname.
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The Zarb is one of the national drums of Persia. "."Etymologists say that the Pahlavi (Persian pre-Islamic language) name of the Tonbak is 'Dombalag', and it was known to be present in the Zourkhaneh (the Persian traditional gymnasium) so we know that it is ancient, pre-dating the Islamic period. Various names for the Tonbak, throughout its history, trace the application of this instrument in different parts of ancient Persia." The Skin of the Zarb is a very sensitive material and was not good in changing humidity.

There are many Persian Drums, but the tonbak (zarb)zarb video is the chief percussion skinned instrument of Persian art music.

The Zarb in different places mean different things. The real definition of the Zarb is an ancient Persian goblet
shaped drum, made from Walnut. In Iran they have a different meaning to them a Zarb is also known as a tombak
which they used alot in special occasions. http://www.algorhythm.co.za/zarb.htm