i hate this book because it is very boring it makes me want to go to sleep.i dont like the fact that it has to do with the future and fantasy.The whole concept of having androids doesnt call my attention because it sound corny.


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"Androids" is trash!!!!!

¿Por Que?(why)

- The novel, instead of being entertaining, makes the reader worried about the type of world they will live in the future, even though it is only intended to be a fictional story (why is that bad?).
- I don't like the novel, mostly beacsue i feel that it has nothing to do with my life (Of course; it's in the future). Sure its about something that can happen but then maybe we won't be here so what the big deal of deal with the future. I like to feel that one should take things as they come. Either way we're going to have to deal with it. It also sci-fiction, I usually don't read it and it just amkes me want to go to bed.
-This book is full of reasons why we should be scared of tomorrow
-There is no pictures

This book is so boring that when I read it i have to drink coke while i read (I do that SOOO many times when I'm bored.). It doesn't interest me at all it is so sci-fi that it sounds like something i would end up watching with my dad.

One can say this book is a lot of things. To many people one might say its a good book due to its rich detail and use of adjectives, but to me I say its a snorefest. This book is something I would only read when I have trouble sleeping or want to doze off for a while. Playing checkers or chess is more entertaining than this book. I often find myself falling asleep while reading this book and having trouble concentrating and sometimes i dont even make it past the 1st page of the chapter. It takes too long to get to the "interesting" part of the book and its sci-fi which doesnt really seem interesting to me. I recomment reading this book while laying in bed or something soft cause you will oftern find yourself falling asleep.