Chador- The chador also known as a burqah is a cloak used mainly in the Islamic religion for women in order to cover themselves from head to toe. The use of the Chador can be dated back to the Persian custom in Mesopotamia where only "honorable" and respected women could where it. Servants and prostitutes were not allowed to wear this. This was basically used to prevent people, especially me from seeing women. Those who don't wear the veil are considered "unclean" and are put to shame.
Like the veil, the chador is a part of hijab, the principle of dressing modestly and covering one's beauty.
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A chador a part of religion and costoms, along with everything else. It is a sorta of cloak and its almost a cloak that can make woman dissapar, but mostly only to man. A chador isn't something to play with, after all it is used in religion and it considered holy because only honorable woman were allowed to waer it (more like forced, but whos going to say anything). It is used and called honorable is beacsue it hide the true beauty of the woman and it doesnt let them show it.

Iranian women wear Chadors (an outer garment) in public.

What is a Chador?