Chemical Weapons:
In the Iran-Iraq war, Iraq used Chemical Weapons to kill a lot of people by infecting them with disease. Many people were disgusted that Iraq used chemical weapons, but no one ever asked, "where did Iraq get all these chemical weapons?" The worst part of this is the U.S. was the one who sold the weapons to Iraq. Disgusting right? Iraq used Mustard Gas and Tabun. Mustard Gas Could cause you to be blind and it can affect your lungs, if inhaled . When you inhale the mustard gas the effects wont happen right away it can take a while for the effects to go on full blast and kill you. Tabun is a type of nerve gas. A nerve gas can paralyze you and make your whole nervous system stop working. These Chemical Weapons killed about 100,000 Iranian soliders by itself. So in this war a whole bunch of people died because of the use of Chemical Weapons.[[image: Mustard gas is a very deadly chemical weapon. it is oderless and only needs little aomunts to kill. It is placed on the tips of explosive rounds and once in the soil it can last for weeks. the gass effects are blisters, vomiting and internal bleeding.external image iraqwarchem1.jpg
These were sick ways of fighting a war. The Iraqies lead by Saddam Hussein use chemical weapons to whipe out civilians and the enemy. The effect of these gasses were extrme and scared the person for life. These were unnaceptable ways of war and people all over the world were hurt by the imagesthey saw of the result of chemical warfare.
<<If more people saw all of these pictures, more people will speak out agaisnt the use of chemical weapons.

external image mustardgas2.jpg
(These are pictures of people exposed
to Chemical Weapons

<<Avoiding the Reality Will Not Make the Problem Go Away

Imagine This:
Imagine someone spraying 409(a kitchen cleaning product) in your face. Bad right? Not as bad as chemical weapons, they hurt 100 times more than 409. The worst part if this is that it can cause cancer. But not only do the people who get hit by it get effected. The rivers and plants get effected by it as well. The chemicals usually stay in the lakes and rivers for about 10-20 years! Poor people and environment.

The Difference Between Movies & Reality:
There has been plenty of scary movies from back then and it's still going. The horror movies show things that don't exist and what people think they should fear the most, but the truth about chemical weapons and torture techniques are most horrorifying then every movie combine. Sometimes people would rather have ghosts haunt them than having to face with this horrifing thing.

Chemical weapons are sometimes used in wars and they can come in liquid gases and solids. These weapons affect a humans body internally and cause many irreparable damages. Such of these damages are the dissolving of tissue skin and other damages that happen to the organs. The damages that are caused to the human body are a painful unbearable pain as well as the environment because of all the chemicals released. The chemicals left over kill animals and affect ecosystems as well.

Nerve Gas:Nerve gasses are neuroactive and respiractive gasses. In order for a respiractive nerve gas to work, the person must breathe it in. It kills them seconds after hitting the lungs and bloodstream. To stay safe from it, you must wear a gas mask when realeasing it. A neuroactive kills even faster, just by touching the skin. With certain kinds, such as Vexxon, you don't need a gas mask. You could take a pill ahead of time and it will protect you for a few hours. While Vexxon may be colorless, it is not odorless or tasteless. Vexxon comes in a canister-and can't be gotten legally. You can release it in two ways. Yoy can release it manually, meaning right then and there and you just squeeze a loop like you wouls a trigger. Or you can set it to release at a certain time, kind of like a time bomb. Under pressure, it will disperse through a 5000 sq. foot building in a minute and a half, faster if heating or air conditioning is running. It breaks down faster into nontoxic components when exposed to light and air, but it still remains deadly for 40 to 60 minutes. 3 milligrams on the skin can kill in 30 seconds.
Source of information: Lightning by Dean Koontz.

There are around 70 different types of chemical weapons. Most of them was used in the 20th century.
Some chemicals weapons are inside liquid, gas or solid. With the use of Chemical Weapons alot of people
died or are in danger of dying.


Chemical weapons are used to produce physical damage or effect to ones body. Gas is an example of a chemical weapon. Chemical weapons were first used in World War 1.


Chemical weapons are just as worst as nuclear weapons. These weapons are very deadly to all living organisms in every possible ways. Ranging from internal injuries and some cases of birth defects and even mutations. These weapons can carry lethal germs/viruses which can kill animals and people from the outside and the death can be very painful. They can cause skin problems such as cancer and any other lethal diseases. If these weapons are used too much it can cause a world crisis and be capable of wiping out all life.