A disciple is someone who follows someone else's teachings. It doesn't necessarily have to be involved in religion. It can be in art, music, and even books.

external image Jesus11.jpgThese are Jesus disciples the people who believed in his teachings and wanted to be able to spread Christianity
and also spread his teachings.

Not only were there disciples for Christianity but there were disciples for many other religions as well . This helped spread the religion to other parts of the world. Such religions that were spread were Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and many more. These disciples all had one thing in common and that was to follow their teacher's teahing and to spread it to other people. religion

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A student or a pupil who is being educated by another in something either religiously or something different other than religion.

A disciple is someone who believes and follows a teacher. For religious purposes, disciples follow their god and the prophets of their religion, trying to become more like them through faith and obedience.
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In Christianity, the disciples are the students of Jesus, they are the people that have to follow him everywhere and
learn his teachings. The Disciples have to call him rabbi which also means teacher. There were
twelve disciples that Jesus chose and the ones he chose where part of his core group, or the people
that follow Jesus. http://www.sundayschoollessons.com/disciple.htm

Jesus was a prophet. he was sent on a mission from god to enlighten the minds of the people. with much disorder in the empire the peasants gathered and formed and became his disciples.

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Here is Jesus preaching the words of god to his disciples.

disciple: a student or a follower of a teacher and his teachings.

http://www.godsquad.com/discipleship/disciple.htmexternal image Jesus1.jpg
A disciple is chose beacuse they have faith in what they want to do. They learn and teach what they are taught. They follow what they believe is right and don't deny it at all.

A disciple is someone who follows every belief on what the prophet says. They would help them expand their religions to other people.
For example, Jesus had disciples and Jesus was a prophet.

Disciples are people that follow the teaching of a person so they can learn from them for example the disciples of jesus they followed him so they can learn from him and spread christiny


In Christianity, the disciples were the students of Jesus during his ministry.
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