Dreams can happen during the day, which it can be called day dreams and at the night. The night dreams can be split into two categories normal dreams and nightmares. Nightmares or mostly scary and could be fears you have let loss in your dream world. Some Nightmares can wake you right out of your sleep, which sometime makes it hard to get back to sleep, after wards. Dreams can feel so realistic that you are mistaken for it being real when it is not.

Dreams are created by one's subconcious, and usually occur when one goes to sleep with a lot on the mind, or thinking about something (or multiple things) specific. Some say that dreams are the mind's way of figuring out things it can't deal with when it's awake.
There are many theories about what dreams mean. The following website gives a huge list of objects, events, and situations that can occur in dreams, and theories on what they mean. Note that these are only theories, not proven facts.
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Dreams are sequences of images and feelings you go through while your sleeping. when your dreaming theres two different types, dreams and nightmares. the difference between dreams and nightmares are that dreams are things you can sometimes mistake for the real thing. but nightmares can be things like deep dark secrets that can scare you right out of sleeping. dreams
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Dreams are good.