The earth is one of the eight planets in the is the only planet that has human life on it and all the other planets are just deserted becuase of the air or the temperature are not able to support life.
In Androids, the Earth is covered in fallout, a radioactive dust that kills animals, cause distortion in the appearance of people and causes people to become specials or "chickenheads". Many people fled Earth for foreign colonies such as the moon or mars to escape the fallout that covers the sun.


Earth is the only planet which we know so far that life is on. This is the third planet from the Sun, largest terrestrial planet. Earth's chemical composition (by mass) is, Iron (34.6%), Oxygen (29.5%), Silicon (15.2%), Magnesium (12.7%), Nickel (2.4%), Sulfur (1.9%), and Titanium (0.05%). The Earth is the densest major body in the solar system. We have earth day to help out our mother earth with all the damage we had caused.

hat is Earth Day?

Today, global warming is causing great harm to our planet. Some believe that it is a real threat, while others don' seem to care. The Earth is protected by the ozone layer, which protects us from the suns harmful rays. But we are destroying this layer, this protection. The ice is melting, animals are dying, waterlevels are increasing and the weather is changing too. We can help by conserving water, not using gas but rather solar power or other more natural forms of energy and more.
Fun Facts about Earth:fun facts

The Earth is a blue and white ball seen from outer space. The earth is t
he third planet from the sun. Also earth is the bigger inner
planets. We think that earth is the only planet that is known to support life and have liquid water on the
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In androids the earth is in a time of crisis there is radiation cloud covering the earth. Many people have left earth because of this cloud and many animals have gone extinct. Many people have left earth because of this cloud and went to live on the moon and mars colonies.
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