Emigration is when a large group of people move out of their native country or area.

Emigration is often a result of...
- discontent or fear in a country or area.
- genocide, racism, oppression, poverty, war.
- to avoid danger or find a new job.
Those are called push factors, pushing someone to move out of one country and to another.


The above lists push and pull factors that throughout history have caused people to emigrate from/immigrate to countries.

In Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? there are posters, television ads, and government junk mail that says "Emigrate or degenerate! The choice is yours!" (18)

Almost everyone has emigrated from Earth to Mars in the book. If you don't emigrate you are considered a "special" for not leaving. Earth at the time had just endured a war leaving it full of nuclear waste and left it without many animals.
The earth has been destroyed and it is almost impossible to live there because of the radioactivity. They move to Mars and other planets as well. Some people aren't allowed to leave however because they are considered "special" and don't pass some tests that are needed in order to emigrate.

In the book that were readin now Do Androids dream of electric sheep everyone emigrated from earth because of all the radiation that was going on on eath
so emigration basically means to move from one a country to a diferent region.