Fundamentalists are people who are very devoted to their beliefs or religion. This in an act of fundamentalism.moz-screenshot-3.jpgmoz-screenshot-4.jpg
Fundamentalism refers to a "deep and totalistic commitment" to one's religion and country. It was originally created to describe a
narrowly defined set of beliefs that developed into a movement within the Protestant community. It can be described in any religion groups such as Muslims, Jews, Hindu's, Buddhists. However, in the past it is found they Christians who were called fundamentalist found it insulting/ offensive. They said that they would like to stick to their original definition.


Fundamentalist women have to wear a Chador, which is like a cloak that covers almost covers a women's entire body. Girls also have to wear a veil because they are not allowed to let any of their hair show. According to Persepolis, this thing with the veil and the chador started with trying to protect women from rapists. Fundamentalist men also had to have a beard or a mustache, and they had to have their shirts tucked out. Wearing ties was also not allowed because it was what Western men wore.

fundamentalist.jpgThis picture basically explains that women were the ones who had to follow the rules a lot more strictly than anyone else since they were the ones that were judged severely. If they didnt wear their veil or chador they were called whores or prostitutes.