The Guardians of the Revolution were enforced after the Islamic Revolution. They had gone around and made sure everyone would abide by the rules of the revolution. If they had caught someone wearing or acting westernized, they would throw them in jail.

external image persepolis%20guardians.jpg

The Guardians of the Revolution were the people who looked after everyone and made sure they followed the rules of the religion. This meant wearing the veil correctly, or making sure that no one was breaking the rules by wearing punk clothing or "modern" clothing. The Guardians of the Revolution had the power to imprison you and not tell your parents (just as how they were going to do to Marjane one time) and were very cruel. It was against the law to execute a virgin girl and so they had the right to marry the girl, have sex with her and then kill her. They paid their familes the dowry as well, which was equivalent to $5. Throughout the book, Marjane pays little attention to what they had to say until she got caught wearing nike shoes, a denim jacket and a michael jackson pin.
The Guardians of the religion represented opression of the people since they were the "soldiers" that we have today. This is how the government made sure that everyone was happy, by making sure that they weren't up to anything suspicious or wrong. These guardians were known to be cruel and have no mercy for anyone who broke the rules.
external image Persepolis-1024.jpgIn this picture we see Marjane wearing the denim jacket and the guardians of the revolution visually attacking her. We can see through facial expressions that Marjane is frightened.