HUMANITY= humanity is a totality of human beings.
The quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings.



Humanity can be described as man-kind, or being human.

Here is a list the class made about being human and non-human.

  • thoughtful
  • emotions
  • violent
  • greedy
  • life
  • empathy
  • money
  • ability to learn
  • complexity
  • worldwide
  • will to live (self-preservation)
  • dominant (species)
  • capacity to love
  • freewill
  • compassion
  • self-centered
  • pose-able thumbs
  • reproduction
  • can't express themselves
  • machine
  • non-living
  • no emotions
  • animals
  • thoughtless
  • programs
  • psychopath
  • motionless
  • dead
  • cannot reproduce
  • man-made
  • electronic
Humanity is all based upon opinion and how it applies to ones own views and beliefs. Many say there aren't humans because there's no actual definition. Some say all, other say that its when one becomes an adult or when they admit they are crazy and what not. But its all based on your values.

There is no definite definition to humanity since there is no exact meaning for it. What makes us human? This book explains that it is the ability to feel empathy towards others but theres always a contradiction towards it. Phillip K. Dick also makes another argument explaining that humanity means LIVING with other people and being social. The empathy test explained if you were human or not on your ability to feel a certain way. Humanity has never had a correct definition since even the dictionary's definition is way to general.

human(n): a person. (The American Heritage Dictionary)
What makes up a person?

Humanity is the human species, human nature e.g.compassion, altruism and the human condition the totality of experience of existing as a human . It is also the study of one branch of the humanities, academic disciplines which study the human condition using analytic, critical, or speculative methods.

Humanity has all kinds of feelings, and non humans doesnt. Humanity has empathy, emotions, compassion, and it can produce. In the other
hand, non humans are machines, non living, they cannot reproduce and doesnt have empathy.