Love is a good theme in the book "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" One form of love we see is that shared between Rickand
Rachael. They know that somehow theyfeel an attraction towards each other and they can't help from feeling a strange feeling which later turned out to be love, but soon enough we are confused because it seems more like an obsession. There were already two flaws in this relationship for one problem Rachael ISN'T HUMAN. For one thing a human and an android being married is illegal and on another note Rick is married and is cheating on his wife.....well technically he's not, Rachael's not human. Then after Rick left off and killed another android which just so happens to be Rachael's prototype she gets mad and decides to murder Rick's goatwhich is sacred to everyone. So they love each other but they both know they shouldn't. Isn't that terrible?
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Love is a very complicated theme in this story since there is no real definition of love. What is love and what determines it? Could an android and a human being ever be succesful in loving each other? Rick Deckard wonders if he could ever love an android that could feel no empathy for him. This is still doubted when Rachael Rosen says she loves him back. Does this mean that any type of creature can feel love? Or is it just humans? Rachael ends up making love to Rick just to stop him from killing any other android. Would this really be love, even though there were bad intentions? When Rick leaves Rachael to kill someone else who looked exactly her she felt angry and murdered his precious REAL goat. Rick was beginning to love this goat because he had earned it with the bounty money and he would finally have some type of upper class status in society. John Isidore is a peculiar man who ends up falling for an android, Priss. He gives her housewarming gifts, cooks for her and makes her REAL food. Isidore was feeling a strong affection for her when he offered to protect her and make sure she was safe. Would this be considered love? Pris didn't think any more of him than anyone else did which made this love scene very strange. The men fell in love with the androids and they returned no real love back.

Love plays a major role in any role, but love doesn't always lead to a happy ending in fact it sometimes can cause pain and more problems. In the book we see that Rick Deckard falls in love with an android named Rachael. They for some reason feel a connection between them despite the fact that they're completely different meaning that one is human while another lives as a machine among humans. They end up having sex but things dont work out between them driving Rachael mad. Later on she murders Rick's goat as revenge for what he did. Instead of brining Rick happyness and leaving him content he ends up getting hurt and losing something veyr valueable which in this case was his real goat. Love can be very tricky but also provides a very cool twist in the story.

Love in general is very complicated and there are many different types of love. The love fore a pet is very different than for a lover of a sibling. Love doesn't always bring happiness, its such a complexty that hasn't been explained well. Sometimes love is enough sometimes it isn't. It all depends on what the person feels and its just on how much a couple or relationship can take.