Materialism is the philosophy that the only thing that can be proven is that that already exists .

When someone is considered "materialistic" it's because they believe that objects make a person. In Persepolis, Mali's husband is described as materialistic because of the fact that he frequently mentioned the items that he owned that would make him seem more than others.
Materialistic people don't see the world from our perspective. They think the world most of the time revolves around them. Most of the time key word most of the time they only socialize with there on class. That class would be upper-class people with the money and power. Materialistic people think that the thing they have give them a defionision for life. Like as if they were poor they world die a horrable death just because they can't buy a thing.
Materialist counrties

Materialism is a desire of wealth and money and in possesions while not being concerned about the ethical or spirital matter.
there are also many different types on materialism including: dialectical materialism historical materialism cultural materialism eliminative materialism dialectic of materialism post-materialism opposition to materialism metaphysical materialism supervenience and materialism christian materialism.
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Materialism is when someone believes in that money/ curancy/ objects are the most important things in life. They value this more than anything in the world. They believe in to have a great life you must live rich and have valuable items.