refinery.jpg Refinery is a place in were different substances are purified and cleaned of any impurities. These establishments are like big factories that unite a bunch of machines that work together to provide us the cleanest oil, sugar and salt. These changes are done chemically and many everyday products are made out of things we never knew. For example plastic is made out of oil. Refinery; oil

Refineries were main targets to bomb during wars since it decreased the other countries economy. Eveyone in the country relied on these refineries for oil and they made a benefit to their country, if it was destroyed how could they go on? During the Iran-Iraq war the Refinery in Abadan was bombed and it caused the gas prices in Iran to increase and also caused a shortage in oil for cars. Many people weren't able to go around afterward since there was a lack in transportation. Countries fight for each others refineries since its what makes the country richer in their economy and powerexternal image efin504l.jpgThis pictures is able to explain in a nutshell that refineries can be the main cause for war in certain places in the world and causes increases in gas prices.