A refugee is someone who leaves their country because of war or is forced to leave their country because they're in danger. They are not able to protect themselves because they're afraid of prosecution. Refugee

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A refugee is a person who flees from their original country due to war, violence or any other disastrous reason . Many people around the world flee from their countries because of wars that are making it unable for them to find a safe haven and away from danger. A Refugee can also be considered someone that leaves a foreign country to escape danger or persecution.

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A refuge is a not always a person that has to leave a country. There are also internal refugees that have to move from one part of the country to the other. Most of the time people become refugee's because t they have no choice but to leave their home. For Example during a war, or even natural disaster. When the peoples homes are destroyed or damaged in that certain place or they have to go and search for some place to live. I have found "Refugee" to be a harsh word because it doesn't mean that if you don't have a place to live then you aren't important. It just means that you have suffered a great tragedy and you need some help tp get back up on your feet.

A refugee is someone who leaves their country because of a reason. like if they lost their home, someone died, etc. Refugee

a refugee is a person that is forced to leave thier home because of someone or something that endangers thier lives.IRAQ_refugees.jpg

Refugee's are people who leave their country because of war or political reasons. Problems in their countries which they can't handle are to be ran away from them. They leave because them and/or their families are indangered. They try to escape from their problems that can not be solved and are out of their hands.


Refugees are people who flee their home because of certain conditions in their homeland. They walk for days and even possibly months in search of another place to live.

People who either leave their country for a certain reason say corrupt government or bad living conditions are called refugees. They either go to a neighboring city or country in search of a temporary place to live or maybe even a permanent home. An example of refugees are people that were affected during the Iran-Iraq war or even another example are people who were affected by Hurricane Katrina.

A refugee is a person who flees a country because they or there family is in danger because of a corrupt government or power. They seek shelter in other countries.